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Let Automize handle your IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing is becoming an ever-increasing factor for many Danish and international companies and is a point that must be addressed sooner or later. Today, there are many companies that choose to hire a third party such as Automize to take care of selected business areas for the company and thus outsource IT tasks. They do this to find more time to grow and develop the core business and let specialists run other parts of the business.

A very important part of any modern business is the IT infrastructure. Therefore, it is also a large, time-consuming job and responsibility to take care of the operation of an entire IT department. Over time, it has also become more profitable and easier to outsource IT tasks, whether it is about IT operations, web development, technical support or something completely different.

What does IT outsourcing mean?

IT outsourcing means that you let dedicated experts in various IT areas handle specific tasks, areas or IT projects. Many companies also find that they can reap greater benefits by outsourcing large volumes of their day-to-day IT operations. This leaves companies sitting back with the big picture and leaving critical features to experts.

Basically, IT outsourcing means that you move your programs and services from your own server to Automize. Our servers are Cloud-based and are located in Microsoft's data centers, we can therefore ensure you optimal security, "Uptime" and a minimal environmental impact as both Microsoft and Automize have the same visions to reduce our CO2, water and power consumption.

When should you outsource your IT tasks?

There are many factors to consider in your decision-making process when considering when to outsource parts of your IT operations. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer that suits all companies, as so many things it is a tragic decision that should be made in consultation with several of your company's departments before a final decision is made. However, there are certain points we have identified that you can include in your decision-making process.

For many small and medium-sized businesses, there are often large savings to be made in outsourcing IT to experts such as Automize. It can be difficult for many small and medium-sized businesses to ensure that their IT capabilities match the necessary conditions required in the business. This may be partly because the company is growing too fast for the IT department to keep up. In addition, it can be difficult to maintain an IT department that possesses all the necessary Specializations that are needed to ensure that all aspects of your IT infrastructure are covered.

Another element you as a company should consider is how you as a company would like to allocate your valuable resources. At present, there is an acute shortage of competent IT staff, making it difficult for ordinary companies to expand their IT departments. The employees that you already have in your IT department will thus be put under greater pressure in the form of trivial tasks which are a waste of competent resources. In such cases, one should immediately begin the process of outsourcing one’s IT operations.

Financial aspects are also a point to take into consideration when considering IT outsourcing. Specialized IT staff is often a heavy financial item. Furthermore, it is not a flexible solution to hire more employees for your IT department unless you can be absolutely sure that there will be a constant necessity for them. If you have a "fluctuating" need in your IT department, it is without a doubt a better solution to outsource your IT tasks, where you can only pay for the hours you need.

Is there a difference in IT outsourcing?

With the ever-increasing speed that technology is experiencing throughout the world, it is no wonder that IT in general is also developing and becoming more specialized. It also means that as companies you have to consider several different areas of your IT infrastructure when you want to outsource IT, we have given our bid on what we think are some of the most critical points to consider.

On-Prem or Cloud

When you as a company are considering outsourcing IT tasks out of the company, there are several strategic and technical decisions that you must take into account. One of the more technical points that you have to tackle is whether you want to outsource IT to a third party who handles IT as "On-Prem" or in "Cloud". "On-Prem" can also be defined as "On premise", which means that the physical server is either outside the company or at one of their suppliers. This was the starting point for most companies some years ago. The advantages of On Premise are that you as a company have more maneuverability when it comes to the servers, however, this is usually not necessary in connection with IT outsourcing, as the whole point is the delegation of work tasks.

A more modern approach is "Cloud" based IT outsourcing, as the name implies, so there is no physical server involved with you as a company or the company you choose to outsource to. Instead, these servers are part of large data centers run by dedicated companies, such as Microsoft. At Automize, we always develop and operate our customers' IT in the Cloud, as this is a more flexible solution, which is energy-saving, better for the environment and often a cheaper alternative to older methods.

Denmark or abroad

For many years, there has been a tendency to outsource not only IT, but many other parts of Danish companies abroad. This has been justified by low wages, which has led to a better bottom line. However, a changing world economy and varying quality have led to a shift, where we now see that many companies choose to keep their businesses in Denmark and only outsource to other Danish companies.

At Automize, we are a big advocate for retaining Danish companies' IT outsourcing in Denmark. We are doing this on the basis of an increasing security threat which will only grow within the IT area in the future. In addition, you often experience a better service when the person at the other end of the phone can also speak Danish, as it does not help to set up a language barrier. It is clear that if you as a company only think about saving money, it will of course be an opportunity to outsource IT tasks abroad, however, this is often not a sustainable solution in the long run and often ends up not ending up being a profitable solution when other “soft” values ??are recognized.

Take advantage of these benefits of IT outsourcing

There are many different benefits to a business by outsourcing their IT to dedicated specialists. Many of these benefits are either industry-specific or unique right down to the individual company level. Nevertheless, we at Automize have gathered the most common benefits that we see pretty much all of our customers enjoy after they have chosen to start outsourcing their IT.

Fewer costs

If you choose to outsource, it is often an investment that saves you money. Your employees will be freed up more time for other tasks, and the daily operation of IT will be handled by experts who perform the work both faster and more efficiently, e.g. through automation of processes, than by your employees who do not have the same expertise in IT operations. It saves you more money in the long run and thus gives air in the budget, because with outsourcing you get fixed payments, so you avoid unpleasant surprises such as depreciation or the like.

Better business processes

When you no longer have to concentrate on the daily operations and the challenges that come with it, you have more time on your hands to work on your core services. In addition, you now also have a new partner who can advise you on how IT best supports the possibility of new processes, such as. self-service solutions, software development or similar.

Greater scalability options

If you have an external partner to manage your IT operations in the cloud, you also have the opportunity to turn up and down resources and capacity according to your needs. If you e.g. is in a period of growth, you can easily and flexibly buy more services from your partner such as more licenses, more server capacity or the like at once. Is your company cyclically sensitive and has a fluctuating need for capacity e.g. When shopping online or otherwise, instead of accommodating the highest common denominator, you can follow the consumption curve on an ongoing basis. And if you do not need to have certain servers running in the evening or over the weekend, then you can automatically close and up and down them as needed. So you can control your needs yourself and only pay for your current consumption.

Is IT outsourcing secure?

If you choose to outsource the operation of your IT department, you also benefit from a partner who has dedicated and competent resources to protect your data. You get access to security specialists who are constantly working to stay up to date on the threat picture - and who can put together an IT security solution that is optimal for your business. Especially with outsourcing to public cloud such as Microsoft Azure, you also get significant security benefits because you can take advantage of the already existing cloud services and synergies in between.

This is how Automize can help you

Whether you just need to outsource a number of small tasks that you do not want your own internal IT people to use or whether you want to hand over large areas of your IT infrastructure, Automize is ready to run your IT. Automize has extensive experience and possesses the necessary skills to ensure that your IT tasks can be outsourced in a pressure and efficient manner. When you choose Automize as an IT operations partner, you have the opportunity to move large parts of your IT infrastructure up to the cloud, this both helps to give your companies a higher level of security, reduce your CO2 emissions, save electricity, water and will often be a cheaper solution for you rather than traditional On Premise solutions.

At Automize, we offer to be responsible for the operation and support of your IT for a fixed monthly service without hidden fees or unforeseen calculations. You can read more about our Managed Services here .

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