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Carahsoft will now be able to offer the Automation App by Automize!

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June 17, 2022

Strong partnerships will be a cornerstone in positioning Automize on the market

With the rise in popularity of the Automation App by Automize and due to ever growing demand, Automize and Carahsoft have entered into a strategic partnership. This is exciting news as it is the first strategic partnership Automize have entered concerning their Automation App. With this new strategic partnership, Automize will have gained a foothold on the American market, in which they will be able to expand their global operations. This new endeavour is especially targeted at the American public sector with focus on state and federal organisations.

The collaboration between Carahsoft and Automize is hopefully only the first step on the road to expansion in this area" - Lasse Kjelstrup-Hoop, SVP Software Development. It is the strategic goal that Automize will in the future be able to enter into collaboration with several international companies to be able to offer their software solutions. "By entering into these strategic cooperation agreements, we will enable more customers to benefit from our software without them having to change their trusted advisors or suppliers thereby ensuring that critical business understanding is not lost" states Lasse.

It is furthermore the intention that in the near future Automize will expand the range of software that their strategic partners will have access to be able to offer. Automize's new Rights Management App is a newly developed software solution which is an extension of the existing Automation App. The Rights Management App, in short, will enable customers to fully automate the management of users and their access directly in ServiceNow and provide a single source of truth of who in the organization has access to what.

Combines the best Automation capabilities from both ServiceNow and Microsoft

Automation of simple and repetitive tasks is an ever-increasing focus for many companies and public agencies, as these are areas where resources and especially time can be saved. This way valuable employees can concentrate on more exciting and valuable tasks that have a real value creation for the company and its customers.

Time is often the biggest barrier for business momentum and by using the Automation App you can remove waiting time in the business and unleash your full business potential. By leveraging the process engine of ServiceNow in combination with the power and flexibility of Microsoft Azure Automation, the Automation App bridges the gap between Business and Technology and enables customers to get the best from both worlds.

Setting up Automation should be an easy and intuitive experience, but simplicity should never happen at the cost of flexibility. This has been the mantra in developing the Automation App where on one hand business process specialists can use drag and drop functionality to create value streams and business processes directly in ServiceNow with no coding required, while on the other hand allowing developers to get access to the untamed power of coding languages like PowerShell and Python safely executed by Microsoft Azure Automation.

The Automation App by Automize is already used today across industries and sectors around the world. This success can be linked to an approach focused on enabling organizations to leverage and combine technologies that they are already mastering. Furthermore, the Automation App hits an area in which many companies want to improve; Automation.

About Automize

Automize was founded in 2015 with the desire to create value by driving the digitalization and transformation journey that all companies are on today.

They do this by bringing people, business, and technology closer together. Their starting point is the individual human being, because without human beings there is no business, and to run the business, technology is needed.

About Carahsoft

Carahsoft Technology Corp. is a trusted public IT solution provider ™ that supports public organizations across federal, state, and local authorities and education and health markets. As Master Government Aggregator® for their supplier partners, they deliver solutions to Cybersecurity, MultiCloud, DevSecOps, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Open Source, Customer Experience and more. In collaboration with resellers, system integrators and consultants, their sales and marketing team delivers industry-leading IT products, services, and training.

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Want to know more?

If you are interested in reading more about our competencies, you can click here and see a complete list of all the areas in which we are specialists and have many years of experience. If you would like to contact us instead to hear what we can do for your company, you can do so here.


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Automize was founded in 2015, with a wish to provide value by driving the journey of digitalization and transformation, which all companies are presently on. We accomplish that by bringing people, business and technology closer together.
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