Easy access versus security - what do you think your employees choose?

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You have guaranteed security policies and security measures for the employees' units in your company. Do you also have control over whether the employees comply with them? `

The requirements from the employees are clear - it must be easy and uncomplicated to work from different devices and with the company's applications, because they are used to it privately, and there must be full synchronization and easy access. If it becomes cumbersome or annoying, it leads to hernia, lower productivity and a greater risk of employees not complying with the rules.

It's not so little the IT department has to be a model for! Your employees expect to have all the company data in their pocket. And the IT department must provide user-friendly solutions and tools that at the same time comply with the security requirements.

Start by formulating policies and rules for employees

Start by developing some policies that determine who has access to what and make demands on employees to use strong passwords. And make sure to get everyone involved: all employees must be brought up to be aware of what is good safety practice with you.

Then you come to the technologies that will enforce the requirements. Always remember to keep in mind that it must not be too much trouble for the employees.

With Microsoft technology, you can easily control apps and devices

In a world that is becoming more and more mobile, the management of employees' mobile devices is becoming more complex. Employees use both their own devices (Bring Your Own Device) and company-owned devices, and often both company and private data are mixed together on the same device.

It certainly does not make it easier to secure your data - unless you use some of the latest technologies that just take care of the problem:

  • With Microsoft Intune, you can easily manage both privately and business-owned mobile devices, mobile applications and PCs from the cloud / cloud while securing your data.
  • With mobile device management, MDM and MAM, Mobile Application Management you can encrypt information, create separate areas on mobile devices and delete data remotely if the device is stolen or lost.

The rules do not have to be the same for everyone

Microsoft's latest solutions make it easy to be flexible without losing control and overview. You can give different users different accesses - in fact, you can go all the way down to a level of detail, where each user gets their own individual security setup that matches his or her needs, and the IT department has full identity management and control.

Technically, the IT department can operate with different access requirements and different security requirements from user to user, but in practice it will rarely be at individual level, but for specific user groups, that you control security.

Find the right level of security and setup for your needs

It can be difficult to see all the new possibilities - and there can also be a risk that you start shooting sparrows with cannons, because technology can now control your security level as detailed and individually as it can. At Automize, we can help with everything related to your safety - from the overall safety policy to the technical setup and daily handling.

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