What can you move in the cloud, and what should you leave on premise?

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Cloud-based IT - or just IT in the cloud - has long been commonplace for many companies. But there are still many who hesitate to go the cloud path.

There can be many, good reasons for this - because even though it sounds easy and straightforward to run your IT via the cloud, there are many things that need to be clarified before you can press the go button.

Perhaps one of the most important realizations is that the cloud is not either-or. Cloud is not about either having to move all your IT out of the cloud, or completely abandoning it. Many therefore choose a hybrid setup, where one runs in the cloud and the other runs on premise.

Standard services can advantageously run in the cloud

The more standardized your applications are, the easier it is to move out into the cloud. Take, for example, your entire Office suite with Word, Excel, Power Point and so on. Today, not many companies have Office installed as a license on individual machines - instead, Office 365 is run as a service in the cloud. A standard product used by millions worldwide.

Business-critical applications can be harder to move

Another parameter that is often associated with the degree of standardization is how business-critical the application is. It is usually the case that the more business-critical an application is, the less standardized it is - based on the motto that there can often be IT support for critical business processes or something else that is very close to the company's core business, and which is a parameter on which the company differentiates itself.

You can move your business-critical applications and workloads in the cloud, but this is inherently a slightly different exercise than in the example with Office 365, where you tap directly into a standard service.

Heavy workloads and legacy applications are often retained on premise

Traditionally, many have chosen to keep their heavy workloads and legacy applications on premise because they have been difficult - if not impossible - to move in the cloud. But development is going so fast that there no longer needs to be a show stopper here. But how much can be moved in the cloud and how, depends on the specific situation, and the assessment and decision on whether the cloud is a real alternative requires a good foundation.

Get clarity and overview with cloud assessment

Maybe you are already well on your way to the cloud - maybe you are on the edge of the big decisions and migrations. With our free cloud assessment, you can get an overview and clarity when you have to decide what-how-why-when in your journey to the cloud.

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