What does your internal IT person spend their time on?

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Do you really know what your internal IT resource spends its time on? He's busy, so much is certain - but what is he so busy with?

1. He develops your IT operations so that you get better and cheaper operations and solutions.
2. He updates employees' PCs and helps with forgotten passwords.

If you answer 2 to this question, your company is similar to most other medium-sized Danish companies. IT is a service function and not a development department. But that's a shame! Because there is a huge potential in releasing internal IT for other tasks.

Can your (real) job description attract the sharpest brains?

Do you not find it difficult to attract IT staff? If you answer no to that - then your company is unique and you do not have to read here… The probability that this is the case, however, is very small. Attracting new employees is one of the biggest challenges for the industry right now. There is a struggle for IT resources.

Can you attract the sharpest brains when the IT department is not allowed to utilize their competencies? If your job description is about an everyday life with server maintenance, updates and patch management, with backup and restore - then it may be logical enough that you have to look far for the qualified applications for the vacancies.

Do something good for your IT person, your recruitment - and your business - today

Move your IT infrastructure and your applications in the cloud.

You get centralized maintenance and continuous updating of clients through an IT supplier who specializes in simplifying and optimizing operational tasks.
2. You get automated solutions so that ‘trivial’ tasks that take up a large part of the day for your internal IT resource can be done with the click of a button.

If you shift the emphasis from operations to development, your business suddenly becomes relevant to the sharpest minds, and you get someone to choose from for the next job interview. And I promise you, your current employees will thank you for that. The resources you get freed up by outsourcing and cloud, you can use to develop the company with - it can also be felt on the bottom line.

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