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Managed Services




Managed Services


A strong foundation for lasting change

We run your digitalisation and transformation journey, so you get a real effect from your initiatives - instead of just getting something different than you had before.

By digitizing, optimizing and automating your business processes while offering efficient operation of your IT, we together with you create a strong foundation for lasting change.

Automize Managed Services

Download our quickguide

In collaboration with Microsoft Denmark and our own customers, we have made a Quickguide about Managed Services for you who want to know more about outsourcing and operation in the public cloud.

Flexibility and agility in relation to supplier choices within IT operations is the new black- with an operating agreement from Automize, a short commitment period is available on a future-proof Microsoft Cloud platform, where you can easily and securely move your commitment and infrastructure as needed.

Get access to the industry's best IT consultants

Our consultants come from your side of the table. We can provide consultants with exactly the IT specialist knowledge that makes the difference in your business. Together with you, we digitize, optimize and automate your business processes without compromising your values, customers or employees. You increase your competitiveness and reap the full benefits of your digital transformation.

Learn all about Azure Virtual Desktop

With Windows Virtual Desktop, you can create a scalable and flexible environment, implement and manage virtual desktops while effectively assigning and connecting users to your virtual desktops.

What services do you need?

Automize acts as the primary IT supplier for many well-known Danish companies across all industries and industries. As your new IT supplier, we can offer your company services within Cloud, IT operations, ServiceNow, Security and IT Projects. Automize has extensive experience in acting as an IT supplier for specific solutions that are tailored to your company. Automize can also act as an IT consultant if your company is undergoing a major change of your IT department.


The cloud universe is both flexible, scalable and often a much cheaper solution for many companies not to mention the increased security. As one of the few Microsoft Managed Partners in Denmark, Automize has certifications that ensure that we can offer your company the latest and greatest solutions within Cloud. All our solutions are based on a tireless optimization of our solutions as well as "best practice" approaches that come directly from Microsoft, with Automize as IT supplier, you should therefore never worry about getting a solution you can not use with the rest of your IT setup.

Managed Services

Does it make sense that you run all your IT yourself? Often the answer is no, many IT departments often find themselves in a situation where they act as a manual access controller for your internal IT systems and IT Programs. This deprives them of the opportunity to apply their specialist knowledge to what they are best at and adds value to your business. Automize has experience in operating, optimizing and automating your business processes so you have a strong foundation for lasting change.


Automize are experts in ServiceNow and have our own dedicated department to solve your companies problems in ServiceNow so they are automated and you no longer have to wait for manual actions or human interaction for your work tasks to move forward in the process. At Automize, we have also developed our own Apps, including our Feedback App and Automation which connects the link between your company and ServiceNow, they are easy to use and require no minimal coding on your part.


Security is a growing topic for many Danish and international companies, it is an area that many may find difficult and complicated to work with and unfortunately most often smokes at the bottom of the pile of tasks. This approach is understandable, but also extremely risky for many companies without a dedicated IT Partner like Automize, as it exposes them to security flaws on their IT Systems. The amount of "Cybercrime" has grown significantly over the last few years and it may develop, so it will make sense for your company to leave these tasks to a dedicated IT Partner who knows the latest threats before they hit you and can secure your business. against digital attacks.

IT Projects

Is your company facing your next big IT Project? It could also be that you are already in the planning or execution phase but would like good advice along the way? Don't worry Automize has extensive experience with all kinds of IT Projects, no matter how far you must have come with your project. Among other things, Automize has extensive experience in developing new IT Strategies that are flexible and prepare your company for future challenges, it may also be you are ready to move in the cloud, or just want an analysis of your IT Setup and how you can improved your current IT department.

This is how Automize can help you

Whether you are starting your own IT project and want an IT consulting company to help you with implementation or you want a new IT supplier to develop IT solutions. At Automize, we always develop our solutions in the Cloud, which means that you will always be assured that your IT setup is flexible and scalable.

This also means that our solutions are not dependent on you being a customer of Automize, should you choose to change IT partner in the future, our solutions can be easily transferred

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"At Automize, there is an enormous freedom to plan your own tasks and to work with what you are passionate about. If you have an idea and evidence for it, then you just get started!"

Klaus Gjelstrup Nielsen

Team Lead Azure

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