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Automation creates results in the organization and on the bottom line

Together with our customers, we create value by automating business processes, integrations and infrastructure.
We specialize in infrastructure and automation and aim to implement technology and processes that strengthen your business through the combined power of ServiceNow and Microsoft competencies. Unlock full integration of Microsoft Azure Automation in your ServiceNow instance with our proprietary Automation App and more.
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It can be difficult to automate and integrate different systems. Many automation tools require special competencies that the company does not necessarily have and at the same time are seen to be heavy for transaction-based licenses.


Automation App is a ServiceNow certified solution that brings the capabilities of Microsoft Azure Automation to ServiceNow in an easy and intuitive way. It is based on Microsoft best practice and makes it possible to automate using known technologies, which require competencies that most companies already possess.


With the Automation App, your company is able to run automations itself without the need for special skills. As a company, you can make your integrations by building them from scratch, or by taking as a starting point the included finished integrations for e.g. Active Directory, Microsoft Teams, Jira and many more.

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Automate in a natural automation language

Now you can integrate ServiceNow with just about any resource in any cloud or in your local infrastructure using our open source templates in a language designed for automation.

By enabling you to automate using PowerShell or Python-based Runbooks, you can use the competencies that are already available in your own organization.

If what you want to automate has a network connection, you'll probably be able to automate it directly from ServiceNow Flow Designer or anywhere else on the ServiceNow platform using the Automation app without needing any outside assistance.

Do you want to try it out before you buy it? No problem! Go to the ServiceNow store today to get your free trial.
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Keep track of your investment

When setting up automation it is key to not forget to track your return on investment (ROI) as it helps your business make informed decisions, improve your operations, and stay competitive.

The Automation App is delivered to you using a flat rate license, and without any requirements for additional ServiceNow licenses, so all you need to track is the time saved.

In ServiceNow, Automation App helps you measure the benefits gained from automation by tracking the time saved, both the direct effort, but also the lead time. This is done using dashboards in ServiceNow that are always updated and ready.

This will help you highlight the otherwise invisible achievements and ensure continued funding for your future automation journey.

Learn more about Automation App on Automize Software Docs

Interested in learning more about Automation App? Go to our docs site to follow step by step instructions on how to automate with Automation App.

By providing clear and concise instructions, examples, and troubleshooting tips, the docs site can help you become more confident and proficient at using Automation App to streamline your workflows and boost productivity.

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Alessandro Eterni


Manager of Support Services
"Automize’s Automation App enables that we remove tasks from a team to expand their time to trouble shoot and work on more important things.”
Kasper Dam Weigel


Head of IT Operations & Security
"We’ve only been using Automation App for a couple of years, but we’ve probably already saved around 15-20% on continuous user and systems administrations. We can see that cost savings grow in step with our use Automation App"
Henrik Abildgaard


Global IT Manager
"The primary benefit is the time saved by users. With Automation app, we can provide faster service to users and the business. Automation App is incredibly smart, and it just works!"
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Strategic partnership with Automize?

At Automize, we continuously develop our own software which is used by Danish and international companies around the world. We achieve this by combining our expert knowledge of ServiceNow, Automation and strong partners who have the opportunity to distribute our software on behalf of Automize.

Is your company interested in becoming a strategic partner with Automize? As a strategic partner, you will have the opportunity to distribute our software and increase the value portfolio that you can offer your existing and potential customers.

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"With Automize's Azure Automation app, we've automated large parts of the ITSM flow. What used to take days is now reduced to hours or minutes."
Henrik Abildgaard

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