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Flexible cloud solutions with a focus on automation

Automation and On-Demand IT Services with Cloud

The daily IT operations, data centers, applications and development of the future will become more Cloud-based. In a world where agile and scalable solution equals competitive advantage for many companies, it makes sense to start moving its IT architecture in the cloud to achieve these advantages.

It can seem overwhelming to have to choose between an "On-site" server solution or a cloud-based approach, while having to find the best provider. Fortunately, Automize is a gold partner with Microsoft and can therefore help move your IT into Microsoft's Cloud Center, which is a world leader in cloud-based solutions.

Microsoft Azure

Create the next generation of your data center in the cloud.

Microsoft VDI Solutions

Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop make it possible to work anywhere.

Digital transformation

Let's move your business from excel and macros to a new world in PowerApp.

Microsoft 365

With Microsoft 365, your business creates collaboration across your organization.

Automize adoption

It is not enough that you have just bought XYZ, it must also be implemented correctly in your company.

6 reasons why the CFO should focus on the Cloud

Download our quickguide

In collaboration with Microsoft Denmark and our own customers, we have created a Quickguide about the benefits of the cloud from the perspective of a CFO or finance manager.

What are cloud solutions?

What are Cloud Solutions? Quite simply, Cloud solutions are the same as normal IT solutions (Servers, IT storage, databases, networks, software, analytics, etc.) in terms of functionality. Where Cloud solutions can do much more, is in its structure, as everything takes place online via the Internet. This means that as a company you will have faster access to new innovative solutions, be flexible with your resources and achieve economies of scale.

Furthermore, you only pay for the Cloud services that your company uses, this means that you do not have to pay for extra software or licenses that are no longer used, and you can thus reduce your operating costs significantly. This is also a highly scalable solution, as you can purchase additional Cloud solutions as you need it and thus eliminate heavy costs.

Why should you choose a cloud solution?

Some of the challenges with traditional “On-site” IT solutions are long delivery times on internal infrastructure and unforeseen costs on hardware, as well as large investments in IT with a long depreciation period. The solution to this is Microsoft Cloud which makes it possible to get IT services On-Demand in a flexible and scalable solution that is implemented and operational in a few hours.

But why should your business switch to a Cloud solution? Cloud solutions involve some fundamental changes from traditional IT solutions which make them more flexible and scalable, here are seven good reasons why organizations should choose Cloud solutions:


By using Cloud solutions, your company will avoid heavy expenses every time you want to buy new hardware or software, you will also avoid heavy costs for operating your own data centers, including servers, power and cooling. In addition, you will also be able to save on the staff who must constantly monitor and service your data centers.

Global scaling

One of the benefits of Cloud solutions is their flexibility and scalability not only locally but also globally. Do you need any more licenses? You can easily buy more as needed. Do you suddenly have too much server space? Just choose the one you no longer need. When you choose a Cloud solution, you will find that you can add and choose according to your needs and not a predetermined package solution.


With a Cloud solution from Automize, all your IT infrastructure will be able to be operated from a Microsoft data center. This helps to ensure that you get the best data processing that is constantly updated. You will also find that network time and downtime will be significantly reduced without having to upgrade your own hardware.


By choosing a Cloud solution from Automize, your business will automatically be more secure. At Automize, we have cloud consultants who are experts in cloud solutions and cloud security. Furthermore, the operation of your cloud solution will take place via a Microsoft data center, which adds another layer of security.

Operational speed

Virtually all the Cloud solutions that Automize offers can be used as self-service according to your company's needs. This means that your cloud-based solutions can be prepared and put to use in just a few minutes, which helps to add a great level of flexibility to your organization.


Choosing to use cloud solutions from Automize will give you the ability to allocate your IT resources to important tasks that add value to your business, instead of having to concentrate on updating servers, performing manual backup solutions and replacing old hardware.


With a cloud solution, critical data backup is automated, Automize can also make sure to perform regular backup solutions across independent data centers, so you are always secured. With a cloud solution from Automize, you will be more secure, have a modern disaster preparedness package and make the daily operation of your organization easier and cheaper.

When is a cloud solution relevant to you?

At first glance, it sounds as if a cloud based solution is the way forward towards a more secure, financially friendly and scalable IT infrastructure, however, it is not that straightforward. Before your organization should make the final decision to switch to a cloud based solution, it is necessary to analyze your business in terms of technology and strategy. Old "Legacy systems" are unfortunately not automatically handled when switching to a cloud solution. It therefore requires a thorough review of your current IT infrastructure so that you know exactly how you can best make a change without leaving individual systems, software and critical data in your old setup.

It can be tempting to just jump head first into the cloud universe, however, Automize often sees that it is with poor planning that many companies and organizations are not able to utilize all the functionalities that you can benefit from with Cloud solutions, this can Automize also assist you with. Automize has extensive experience in cloud based solutions and has many dedicated cloud consultants available who have experience in analyzing companies like yours and ensure that your switch to the cloud is smooth and that you can benefit from a cloud-based solution from day one.

Which cloud-based solutions are best for you?

Not all Cloud solutions are the same and there is no one particular cloud solution that fits all companies and organizations. Over time, a number of different solutions have been developed, Automize focuses on finding the best solution in collaboration with your company, so you can get the most out of your cloud solution.

First, one should determine in their organization what type of IT infrastructure should be used in connection with your cloud based solution, there are currently 3 different ways to use cloud based services: Public cloud, Private cloud and a mix of the first two, which are called ; Hybridcloud.

Public cloud

Public cloud-based solutions are owned and operated by a third-party cloud service provider that provides computing resources, e.g. servers and storage over the Internet. In connection with a public cloud, all hardware, software and other supporting infrastructure is owned and operated by the cloud provider. You have access to these services and can manage your account through a web browser.

Private cloud

A private cloud contains cloud computing resources that are only used by a single company or organization. A private cloud can be physically located in the company's local data center. Some companies also pay third parties to host their private clouds. A private cloud is a cloud where services and infrastructure are managed on a private network.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud environments include both public and private cloud environments associated with technology that enables data and applications to be shared across cloud environments. Therefore, a hybrid cloud with the ability to move data and applications between private and public cloud environments offers greater flexibility, more deployment options, and helps your organization streamline existing infrastructure, security, and maintenance.

Cloud-based solutions from Automize

Automize has many years of experience with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 Cloud solutions and handles complex and critical services in the country's largest companies. We have some of the industry's best Microsoft cloud consultants, who guide and design the most optimal solution for your company.

A selection of some of the services in Microsoft Cloud that we have competencies in include the Microsoft 365 suite, device and data protection in the Defender products, Azure Compute, Azure Automation, Azure Container Services, Azure Backup, Azure Network and Azure Stack / HCI.

What kind of cloud solution should you choose?

Most cloud solutions fall into four broad categories: IaaS (Infrastructure as a service), Paas (Platform as a service), Server independent and SaaS (Software as a service).

While cloud solutions may sound high-tech and complicated, it is actually very straightforward. You are no doubt already using various cloud solutions in your everyday life without being aware of it. If you use a mail program such as Outlook, edit documents, streaming services, listen to music and store your files online, then it is most likely via cloud solutions that this is possible. Although cloud solutions and cloud technology in general are only about 10 years old, there are already a large number of organizations - from small entrepreneurial companies to large multinational companies and public organizations that use cloud solutions as a strong integral part of their daily operations.

The possibilities with cloud-based solutions are many and which solution your company needs depends on how much you want to start putting up in the "cloud".

Are cloud solutions secure?

As a Microsoft Managed Partner, Automize is of course dedicated to being one of the best providers of cloud based solutions. In the 1990s, all corporate data was available in the company on a local server or locally at a third party. Some companies have not evolved since then, leading to worrying security concerns. When data is stored locally at the company or with a third party, it is usually more vulnerable to malicious parties. Your data is also more vulnerable to human error which may occur as a result of this.

If you use a cloud based solution, your company's data will never be available locally to all those who may be physically at your facilities, at a given time, you will have the opportunity to configure exactly which people can access specific data and thus avoid employees have too much or too little access to your data. You will also be able to automatically back up your critical business data so that your data and backup data are not stored on the same server, which helps to minimize the risk of crashes.

Choosing a cloud based solution will also have the ability to scale your business operations much more easily in the future and begin automating many of your daily tasks so you can let your skilled employees focus on critical tasks that add value to your business, rather than tedious repetitions. of the same tasks.

We can deliver on SKI deals to the puplic sector

As a public sector organization, you can buy consulting hours and standard software from Automize - through a SKI framework agreement, which makes it easy and cheap to buy external IT help.

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