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Managed Services


Enjoy secure and stable IT operations

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Many IT operations are routine - but that does not mean they are indifferent, on the contrary. Other IT operations are more challenging, sometimes at the limit of your areas of expertise. And then of course there are all the ad hoc tasks and firefighting (which will definitely fill the last gaps in your work day!).

It is a large and resource-intensive task to ensure that you have a secure and stable IT operation. Does it make sense for you to solve the whole task yourself?

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Increase your network reliability and performance with 24/7/365, real time visibility and monitoring.

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Users must have the best experience, which is why we have chosen ServiceNow.

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Tap into our expertise for professional IT assessment, strategies, road mapping and implementation.

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Safeguard critical data, applications and systems from permanent loss that can cause major business disruptions.

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Get quick resolution to your IT problems, day or night, with a friendly voice who really knows how to troubleshoot.

Managed Services

Download our quickguide

In collaboration with Microsoft Denmark and our own customers, we have made a Quickguide about Managed Services for you who want to know more about outsourcing and operation in the public cloud.

Why should you outsource your IT operations?

IT operations are most often an important and resource-intensive business area for many Danish and international companies. As the world and workplaces as well as work tasks become more digital, there is an increasing need for a company's internal IT operations to function optimally to be able to ensure that there are no employees who cannot access the files they need, or that a server down in the basement no longer responds, resulting in large amounts of "Down time", where an organization loses money and critical competitive advantage.

By letting a specialized IT company like Automize take care of your IT operations, you can be sure that you will always be up to date with the latest technology, you do not have to wait for your internal IT department to find free time to update your systems and software packages. Furthermore, it gives you the freedom to concentrate on critical tasks that add value to your company, your internal IT department will have more time for tasks that are important to your company and with Automize IT support you can always get fast and expert service when you need it.

Discover the benefits of outsourcing IT operations

By outsourcing your IT operations to Automize, you will always be guaranteed the highest form of data security and stable IT operations. Your internal IT department will no longer be burdened with constant protocol updates, updating systems and software / hardware, all this Automize takes care of. Automize primarily develops and operates all our customers' IT in the Cloud, which helps to ensure that they automatically receive the latest updates without having to do anything, the security level is automatically higher than traditional "On-premise" solutions and often cheaper.

Automize is the clear choice when you have to outsource your IT operations, we are ready with a selection of experts who can solve exactly the challenges you face. You do not have to think about whether your own IT department has all the necessary knowledge in different areas when you want to implement something new, assign the task to Automize, and we will solve it.

When is IT operations outsourcing necessary?

Since all companies and organizations are different, there is no single answer for when outsourcing your IT operations is correct. However, there are certain parameters that one can start measuring on. How big is your internal IT department? If you have enough staff to cover all the IT-related tasks? Are your internal IT department specialized in all the areas they need or there is a professional "gap" in the department.

It may also be that your company has a need to be able to draw on many different forms of IT support that cover a wide area. This can often be a huge burden for an IT department if they are not adequately staffed or trained to cope with this pressure. Another parameter is your own ability to report back on the daily and overall situation of your IT operations. If your internal IT department is too busy to get an overview, how should they be able to assess what has priority or whether the company has security deficiencies that need to be resolved?

What IT operational tasks can you outsource?

At Automize, we can offer to be responsible for the operation of your entire IT infrastructure, which means that you do not need to have several different third parties to solve several different areas of your IT setup. Which IT operations tasks you should choose to outsource most often depends on how your company operates and your organizational structure, there is not a single solution that suits everyone. Automize can also help you decide which IT operational tasks you should outsource and which you should keep within your organization. Below is a sample of some of the operational tasks that Automize can operate for you:

• Processes
• Support
• Monitoring
• Backup
• Asset Management
• Self Service
• License Management
• Enrollment and Update Management

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