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Get the best virtual desktop with a complete Windows 10 multi-session experience

Azure Virtual Desktop is Microsoft's answer to an efficient remote desktop solution that gives employees access to your desktop and applications virtually anywhere.

Azure Virtual Desktop enables a way of working that is agile, innovative, cost-effective and supports efficient and secure remote access work. Read our article on the benefits of virtual desktops, how they can solve problems with technical challenges and security and lower your costs - both unnecessary costs and scalability costs.


Installation and maintenance of the infrastructure for the delivery of virtual desktops or apps often takes place sub-optimally, and often becomes an expensive and time-consuming exercise with compatibility challenges with Microsoft 365 etc.


Azure Virtual Desktop is a cloud-based managed service from Microsoft that can offer Windows 10 desktops and remote apps. Microsoft manages and maintains the infrastructure layer, so you only have to think about your user data and programs.


Azure Virtual Desktop is the only solution that allows for a Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session. This means that there can be several users on the same session host which allows for large savings with scalability options by only paying for the consumption.

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Are you already operating a virtual desktop environment or are you just considering the possibility and how to get started? - Perhaps your organization can recognize common user experience challenges and outdated legacy applications that cannot be moved in the cloud?

Microsoft's Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a desktop and app virtualization service running in Azure that is now accessible to anyone, giving companies and organizations remote access to applications running on top of Windows 7 or Windows 10 based client operating systems.

With Azure Virtual Desktop you can create a scalable and flexible environment, implement and manage virtual desktops while assigning and connecting users to your virtual desktops efficiently.

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Our consultants have been at the forefront of technology right from the start and have helped several of our clients get started with the solution. We offer competent advice from start to finish and help with everything from the first considerations to implementation and roll-out.

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Four things an IT manager needs to know about Azure Virtual Desktop

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The world and the demands on companies are constantly changing. It requires great adaptability and an IT department that can handle demands for improved IT security, option to be able to work from home / on the go as well as access to work with solutions in the cloud.


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"Automize has helped us define a good business case for implementing Azure Virtual Desktop and has proven to be an experienced and reliable IT partner in this field."


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