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Who are we?

Automize was founded in 2015 with the desire to create value by driving the digitalization and transformation journey that all companies are on today. We do this by bringing people, business and technology closer together. Our starting point is the individual human being, because without human beings there is no business. And to run the business, technology is needed.

When people, business and technology play together, you get a real effect from your initiatives. Otherwise you just get something different than you had before.

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A strong foundation for lasting change

We run your digitalisation and transformation journey, so you get a real effect from your initiatives - instead of just getting something different than you had before.

By digitizing, optimizing and automating your business processes while offering efficient operation of your IT, we work with you to create a strong foundation for lasting change.

In addition to being tough on automating business processes, we are also specialists in solving individual tasks within Microsoft, ServiceNow, Docker, Atlassian Jira and Parallels.

Our start to now


Automize was founded in 2015 by René Falkenberg, Bjarne Aabling Petersen and Flemming Rohde with the aim of offering private and public companies highly specialized IT consultants. The focus was primarily on optimizing processes and automating customers' IT infrastructure as well as Microsoft Azure and ServiceNow.


In 2017, Automize became an A / S and the company moved to larger premises in Bredgade in Kolding. The product range was expanded with Managed Services, which offers operation and support of IT infrastructure. Furthermore, there is a focus on developing apps for ServiceNow.


Automize is expanding with an office east of Ørestaden. It will also be nominated as the year's best Cloud Infrastructure partner at Microsoft. There were 28 in among selected Microsoft partners and we came in among the top 3, who were otherwise ProActive and the winners from IMMEO.


At the beginning of 2019, we moved to new and larger premises in Kolding. Time and resources were invested in expanding managed services. In addition, there was great development in the consulting business. In mid-2019, office East also moved to new premises in Ballerup. By the end of 2019, Automize had grown to 24 men.


2020 is a special year not just for Automize but generally worldwide due to Covid-19 (Corona). Despite a global pandemic, Automize managed to maintain really good activity on all fronts. Automize Academy is a new initiative in 2020 which will help to educate and increase the individual's competence. Automize is now 26 men, with 23 in Kolding and 3 in Ballerup.

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