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Our values

We solve the task that really needs to be solved

Our technological focus area is automation and optimization of business processes. In that work, it is deep in our DNA that we do not just solve and optimize on a sub-task but take a holistic approach and look at least as much at the connections as at the individual sub-tasks.

This means that we often solve the task we are asked to do - but that we just as often report honestly and challenge the task to solve what is really needed.

Customer-specific development and cloud-based standard

We believe that the business process is more important than the tool, and our key words are automation and optimization of the processes across the business units.

We develop tailor-made solutions for our customers' business processes, but without becoming religious: we use also proprietary applications and cloud-based standard solutions to the extent that they can address your real needs.

Outsourcing of IT operations - without surprises

We offer to be responsible for the operation and support of your IT. Often we can do it both cheaper and better. We take our own medicine all the time and automate and optimize everything we can on our own business processes.

It provides the best performance for you, at the lowest price. Whether you choose our bronze, silver, or gold package, it is with All Inclusive. No hidden fees, subtle exceptions, or unforeseen extra bills.

Common sense

At Automize, we place extremely great emphasis on being independent, being thoughtful and using your common sense. This applies to all tasks, whether it is about our customers, projects, colleagues and anything in between.

Automize signs Microsoft Partner Pledge

Automize has chosen to take a clear position for a green approach to the Danish IT industry. To cement our commitment to this cause, Automize has signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge. We share Microsoft's global vision to enable every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. As a member of the Danish tech scene, we are committed to promoting green and inclusive digital transformation for the benefit of all citizens. Together, by utilizing our tools, expertise, and network, we can make a strong impact in Denmark, Iceland and beyond.

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