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Microsoft Azure - your platform in the cloud

Microsoft Azure gives you the opportunity to build the next generation of technologies, where business enablement is paramount.
Whether you are about to make a new investment in your own data center or you are going to develop a new application, it is a good idea to stop and look at the possibilities.

The connection in Microsoft Azure means that today you can set up your virtual machines and then have a roadmap to move from a virtual machine to a service architecture. You reap the rewards by having a high-end data center initially for your virtual machines, while at the same time having the opportunity to move to a completely new service platform.


Long delivery times on internal infrastructure and unforeseen costs on hardware, as well as large investments in IT with a long depreciation period.


Microsoft Azure makes it possible to have IT services On-Demand in a flexible and scalable solution that is implemented and operational in hours.


Pay-Per-Use provides a financial overview and new IT services are delivered without delays. On-The-Fly scaling for optimal flexibility and time savings on maintenance.

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What is Microsoft Azure used for?

Microsoft Azure is usually described as having "unlimited potential" and "unlimited possibilities", but what does Azure actually do and what can it do for your business? Let's take a look at how to make it work for you.

Improve and implement disaster recovery

Azure is a dream tool for backup and disaster recovery. Why? Because of its flexibility, advanced website restoration and built-in integration.

As a cloud-based solution, Azure is inherently flexible - it can back up your data in almost any language, on any operating system and anywhere. You also determine the frequency and scope of your backup plan (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

Azure site recovery can enhance your tape backup with offsite replication, minimal onsite maintenance, up to ninety-nine years of data storage, minimal or no capital investment, and minimal operating costs. Azure Backup stores three copies of your data in three different locations in the data center and then three more copies in an external Azure data center so you do not have to worry about data loss.

Host and develop web and mobile apps

Whether you're looking for a platform to host, develop or manage a web or mobile app, Azure makes these apps autonomous and customizable with patch management, AutoScale and integration with local apps.

With automated patch management for your virtual machines, you can spend less time managing your infrastructure and more time improving your apps. Azure also offers continuous deployment support, which allows you to streamline ongoing code updates.

AutoScale is a feature built into Azure Web Apps that automatically adjusts your resources based on customers' web traffic, giving you the resources you need when traffic is high and saving you money when you're not at peak times.
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Distribute and supplement Active Directory

Azure integrates with your Active Directory to complete your identity and access capabilities, providing your public DNS access, centralized administration, and strong security.

With Azure, you can implement a directly connected Active Directory environment globally. No other cloud provider can extend the reach of your domain controller and consolidate AD administration like Azure.

If you have multiple locations or use on-premises or cloud applications such as Microsoft 365, Active Directory integration with Azure is the essential tool for managing and maintaining access to all of these tools.

Innovate with IoT industry solutions

The scalability, flexibility and security of Microsoft Azure make it the perfect resource for companies moving towards IoT solutions. You can connect your devices to the cloud using solutions that integrate with your existing infrastructure and start collecting new data about your business.

Within the Azure IoT Hub, you can monitor and manage billions of devices and gain insights to help you make better business decisions, improve customer experiences, reduce complexity, reduce costs, and accelerate development. The enhanced security in Azure is a major asset for IoT solutions, which traditionally have security holes that hackers can take advantage of. Other benefits include remote monitoring and predictable maintenance and analysis.
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What is Microsoft Azure?

At its core, Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform - with solutions including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) that can be used for services such as analytics, virtual computing, microsoft cloud storage, networking and more. It can be used to replace or supplement your on-premise servers.

Azure is a fast, flexible and affordable platform, and its prices and capabilities make it the best public cloud offering on the market.

Why should your company choose Microsoft Azure?

Businesses that rely on other popular Microsoft services, such as Outlook, Office 365, and SharePoint, are able to integrate Azure's cloud services with these tools efficiently and seamlessly. In addition, Azure uses the same virtual machines (VMs) that companies use on-site, including both Windows and Linux.

One of the benefits of Azure's leadership position in both IaaS and PaaS is your ability to use it in ways that are particularly beneficial to your business. For example, if you use Azure's IaaS services, you can only use - and pay for - only the services you need. Azure's PaaS services will let you build only the apps and software you need, without having to purchase or maintain the underlying infrastructure.

With Azure, your business will benefit from managed SQL and NoSQL data services and embedded support. This will enable you to dig deep into data to better understand and continuously improve business processes and improve data-driven decision making.
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Is Microsoft Azure necessary for your business?

Cloud-based services like Microsoft Azure help your business protect data, streamline processes and reduce costs. To create a comprehensive cloud strategy, you also need to choose a hosting provider that understands both your business and a wide range of cloud-based services and that can provide you with the guidance you need to make informed decisions. To learn more about how our cloud, managed hosting, web hosting and security and compliance services can help you achieve your business goals and grow your business, contact us today.

What benefits can Microsoft Azure provide?

• Speed
When most people think of speed and the cloud, they consider things like ping speeds, jitter, layers and so on. Microsoft Azure's definition of speed is quite different, but they focus on locating data centers around the world to give users the best chance of getting their data when they need it.

• Improved flexibility
One of the key benefits of using Azure is the way it shines in the flexibility department with its simplified scalability. Access to multiple resources requires only a single click to upgrade service levels, and companies are free to reduce these higher service levels when they no longer need additional storage, data processing or support.

• Integrated delivery pipeline
There is so much it takes to create a great digital product or great service. Microsoft Azure has thought of pretty much everything, even ensuring a complete end-to-end package of services so you can get the job done without constantly asking, "Will this work with what we've already developed?"
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• Disaster recovery
Whether you need a more sophisticated approach to backing up data, or you want to keep downtime to a minimum, Microsoft Azure's disaster recovery tools are worth checking out. But how do they work? In short, Azure has some of the leading encryption features in the industry to help you stay compatible and improve your continuity plan in case something goes wrong.

• Security
Of all the benefits Microsoft Azure offers, Microsoft is the most vocal about its security offerings. Microsoft invests more than $ 1 billion each year in cybersecurity research and development. It advertises its multilayer security as a way for companies to harness the power of remote physical data centers without compromising confidential data.

Microsoft Azure solves these challenges

Here are the benefits you can expect from a cloud platform like Azure.

• Scalability - Azure automatically delivers computing resources based on your business forecasts and needs
• Support - Azure is supported in 19 regions around the world and has a 24/7/365 helpdesk
• Analytics - With the Azure cloud you visualize business data and gain easy insight
• Reliability - Azure saves six copies of your data and guarantees 99.99% availability of your backups
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Get access to the industry's best consultants

The competitiveness of companies depends on IT, whether you are planning, production, warehousing, logistics, marketing, sales or finance.

It is no longer enough for your employees to specialize in your core areas of competence. Digital development is running fast, and you will lose competitiveness if you do not have access to the necessary IT skills. Allow your team to access, share and edit company files anytime, anywhere. Enable your organization to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive global network. Automize offers you all the benefits of Azure by professionally monitoring, managing and maintaining it for maximum uptime and reliability.

Why you should choose Automize

Automize has many years of experience with Microsoft Azure Cloud solutions and handles complex and critical services in the country's largest companies. We have some of the industry's best Microsoft Azure consultants, who guide and design the most optimal solution for your company.

A selection of some of the services in Microsoft Azure in which we have competencies include Azure Compute, Azure Automation, Azure Container Services, Azure Recovery Services, Azure Backup and Azure Network, Azure Security, Azure Stack and Azure HCI.
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