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Managed Services




Managed Services


Security in a new context with Microsoft Sentinel and Defender as key players

Same solution for small businesses as for large ones. The hackers do not differentiate on size.

With the Microsoft Security portfolio, we have the opportunity for an unprecedented connection between the IT platform and the end users. The importance of being able to look across these business units, has made it possible to perceive different types of attacks very early in the process and the ability to then search across one's entire IT setup, enables us to deploy quickly and efficiently and stop an attack or completely prevent them, by very quickly closing security holes down.


Increase your network reliability and performance with 24/7/365, real time visibility and monitoring.


Prevent and detect risk, exposure and vulnerabilities to ever-increasing cyber threats.


Tap into our expertise for professional IT assessment, strategies, road mapping and implementation.


Safeguard critical data, applications and systems from permanent loss that can cause major business disruptions.


Get quick resolution to your IT problems, day or night, with a friendly voice who really knows how to troubleshoot.

5 things you SHOULDN’T do even if you can!

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Wise people say … that you should do what you do best, and leave the rest to others

We ensure your company's IT security

Did you know that 1 in 4 small and medium-sized Danish companies have not implemented essential security measures when it comes to the company's IT security? These implementations can be anything from a simple backup of critical data to updates of key applications used across the enterprise. Without a clear IT security policy, many of these IT security issues are often left to the individual employee.

With Automize as your IT partner, you will always be able to count on your IT security being updated to the highest industry standards and backup of critical data and regular updates takes place without you having to worry about it.

IT security is always part of the solution when you choose Automize as your IT partner

Automize has many years of experience with IT security and it is always part of the solutions we provide to our customers. You never have to pay extra to get a "higher level" in different package solutions and you will always be able to call or write to us for support if you have questions or need help.

As a company, it is always a big decision whether to outsource parts of your IT operations to other companies. At Automize, we always recommend having a dedicated company ready to handle the most important element of your business: your IT security. If you choose Automize as your IT partner, it gives you peace of mind to focus on the tasks that make sense to you and that which provide value for you and your customers.

We can deliver on SKI deals to the puplic sector

As a public sector organization, you can buy consulting hours and standard software from Automize - through a SKI framework agreement, which makes it easy and cheap to buy external IT help.

Automize’s Automation App leverages true self-service for global BDO organisation

Improved user satisfaction: Automize’s Automation App leverages true self-service for BDO globallyBDO operates with a global IT setup, where Global IT & Services B.V. supports the tier 1 applications and services consumed by the BDO firms worldwide. Manager of Support Services, Alessandro Eterni, and his team...

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