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The modern workplace with Office 365

Being able to monitor your overall IT infrastructure and know where to take action gives you a competitive edge
Få mere enkel implementering, konfiguration, administration og overvågning af din virksomheds IT infrastruktur men også forbedret fleksibilitet og ydeevne - det giver value for money, fuld cloud intregration og effektive driftshandlinger. Med Microsoft System Center opnås desuden frigivelse ressourcer i din virksomhed og en øget effektivitet med automatiserede workflowprocesser og selvbetjeningsmuligheder kombineret med overvågningsmuligheder af infrastruktur og workloads.


Lack of monitoring of servers and services, manual installation of servers and laptops. Trivial manual operations and lack of transparency in the infrastructure.


Microsoft System Center provides you with the necessary administrative tools with insight into conditions, errors, and issues across applications and workloads.


Efficient operation of the IT infrastructure, which is achieved by automation and smooth deployment of software. Data protection and monitoring of servers and systems.

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Get access to the industry's best IT consultants

The competitiveness of companies depends on IT, whether it's planning, production, warehousing, logistics, marketing, sales or finance.

It is no longer enough for your employees to specialize in your core areas of competence. The digital development is running fast, and you will lose competitiveness if you do not have access to the necessary IT skills.

Why you should choose Automize

Automize has many years of experience with the Microsoft System Center suite at some of the most complex and critical services in the country's largest companies. This means that we have some of the industry's best System Center consultants, who guide and design the most optimal solution for your company.
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The Modern Workplace

We are constantly working more and more mobile, which creates a need for management, secure work environments and sets greater demands to IT security at the workplace in general.

Varde Municipality recommends Automize to other municipalities

Varde Municipality has reaped the benefits of manageable servers Proper consultancy, financial overview and further training of employees. Varde Municipality got all of this out of the cloud with Automize. “For some time we had wanted to explore what it means to put a server in the cloud and what it...

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"When a new professional system is purchased, the IT department can deliver a financial and manageable budget. This has long been a great desire in the municipality's administrations. The big plus is that we can have it up and running within a few days."
Tommy Engholm Jensen

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