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Rights Management provides the overview your business needs

With our self-developed Rights Management app, you can easily manage Active Directory directly from ServiceNow.
Just getting an overview of who has what access in the organization can be a challenge in itself - password resets, fast on- and offboarding and convenient enforcement of internal compliance are just a few examples of areas of use.
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Too much or too little access is a big problem in many companies. But how to ensure that employees always have the right access, neither too much nor too little.


Rights Management App is a ServiceNow certified app that, using Microsoft Azure Automation, ensures easy management of access in the form of group memberships in Active Directory.


With the Rights Management App, your company gets a quick and complete overview of all users' rights. The ability to integrate directly into Flow Designer allows you to make access control a natural part of your company's processes and procedures.

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What is the Rights Management App?

The Rights Management App enables you to manage your Active Directory form ServiceNow. This gives you a full overview of users, groups, and memberships directly in ServiceNow and It enables time limited memberships, where the membership is automatically removed once it expires in ServiceNow.

It also adds an abstraction layer called roles where you can collect groups required to carry out a certain role such as Financial Controller, IT Supporter etc. - simplifying management access greatly.

Want to try Rights Management App before you purchase it? No problem! Get a free trail from the ServiceNow Store today.

Manage Active Directory from ServiceNow

Full overview of users, groups, and memberships
Enables time limited memberships with or without PAM
Enables roles which is a logical collection groups required to perform a certain role
Microsoft best practice based on PowerShell and Azure Automation

Enables no-code integrations from ServiceNow directly in Flow Designer

Integrate into your existing or new flows in ServiceNow
Build new requests for password resets, roles, or group memberships

ServiceNow certified

Requires Automation App
All licenses included
Fixed low price
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Common Business Challenges

From a business execution perspective, it is paramount that users always have the access that they need in order to carry out their job. This app can be used for simple onboarding / offboarding of employees or for more complex organization changes, where multiple people move from one department to another. Either way it is important to ensure that they have the access to all they need, when they need it, and that the access they no longer should have at a given time is removed.

From a security perspective this is also important, as we do not want users to have access to systems that they do not need access to. In the same way you also want to limit administrators access, so that you as an administrator only have administrative access when this is required. Having permanent administrators equals permanent and unnecessary risk.

Business Execution

Employees must have the access they need in order to do their job
Organizational changes, such as onboard, role changes, or offboard should be a secure, plannable, and smooth experience


Administrators should only have administrator access when needed
We must have a trustworthy overview of who has what access

Save time

Eliminate waiting time in the business
Remove manual tasks in IT
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Examples of Rights Management App use cases

By monitoring Active Directory, you can get the full overview of who has access to what directly in ServiceNow. You can share this using standard ServiceNow reporting, or you can enable alerts or enforce compliance on groups of your choosing. Password resets can be fully automated which will free up time in your service desk Time limited membership can be used to improve security by only giving administrative access when needed.

This reduces risk and improves transparency and compliance - especially if you require a ticket and/ or justification before the access is provided. Onboarding can be streamlined to ensure that everybody have the access they need to do their job from day one and organizational changes can be planned to ensure that access is given and / or removed at the desired time.

Active Directory Monitoring

Get the full overview of who has what access
Report on deviations or enforce Compliance

Password Resets

Avoid unnecessary load on your Service Desk
Time limited memberships
Administrators must request admin rights based on a ticket
Justification must be provided


Employees have the access they need from day one

Organizational changes

Can be planned to ensure that access is given and removed at the desired time
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All our apps are ServiceNow certified

This not only guarantees that those apps have undergone strict quality control from ServiceNow engineers. It also means that any license required for you to start using the app is included in the price.

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