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Today's IT landscape requires insight and the right tools

Automize offers a wide range of solutions and services within Microsoft and the ServiceNow universe and assists our customers with advice within the same. A journey from on premise to the cloud requires e.g. a whole range of different exercises and tools rooted in IT projects across the organization

We help to create the overview and get a valid plan and direction for your current or future IT project, regardless of how far you are already in advance or what scope and nature the project consists of.

New It stratgey?

We help shape your new IT strategy towards a new and digitalized world.

IT analyzes provides insight

Analyzes of IT provide insight and breeding ground for future decisions before, during and after the move to the cloud.

IT Consulting

Tap into our expertise for professional IT assessment, strategies, road mapping and implementation.

Moving IT to the Cloud?

For you who are ready to put the cloud in production and are looking for help to get started with migration and migration.

Outsourcing your IT tasks?

Are you thinking of outsourcing your existing operations or changing supplier?

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What IT projects can we help with?

Automize has many years of experience with IT project management in many different areas and industries across different industries - we are therefore quite confident that we can help you with your company's IT projects.

A selection of some of the services that our IT project consultants specialize in: Microsoft 365, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft System Center, Azure Virtual Desktop, Atlassian Jira and Docker.

We can deliver on SKI agreements to the public sector

As a public company, you can buy IT project consultants and standard software from Automize - through a SKI framework agreement, which makes it easy and cheap to buy IT project management.

All public organizations can use Automize as a subcontractor if they need IT project consultants to solve specific tasks in their IT environment or for standard software that is compatible with Microsoft software. It can be done via SKI framework agreements. The demand for IT solutions from the public sector and companies that are subject to tender requirements is growing. And Automize is pleased to be able to act as IT project management on these framework agreements.

We give you insight and the right tools for IT project management

Automize always solves our customers' IT projects in the cloud. This means that we as your IT project manager can guarantee that the solution we deliver to you is both flexible and scalable with your company. We can provide consultants for your projects with exactly the IT specialist knowledge that makes the difference in your business.

Together with you, we digitize, optimize and automate your business processes, without compromising your values, customers or employees. You increase your competitiveness and reap the full benefits of your digital transformation.

Let Automize handle your IT projects

Is your company facing your next IT project and lacks an experienced hand to handle your IT project management? Automize has experienced IT project consultants ready in any field that you need to get to the goal of your IT project. Whether you are a private company or a public organization, Automize is ready to help you reach your goal safely.

Automize has many years of experience with IT project management and handling of complex and critical services in the country's largest companies. We have some of the industry's best IT project consultants, who guide and design the most optimal solution for your company.

How does Automize help with IT project management?

By letting Automize take care of your IT project management in a scalable and flexible solution - Do you need someone to take care of the whole project? Or maybe you only need help for a specific part of a larger project? If you choose Automize, you do not have to worry about the size of the project, we are always ready to help if you need more help than what you planned in the beginning.

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