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Microsoft 365 for Business

Benefit from a wide range of tools within Endpoint Management, security and internal collaboration and communication with Microsoft Teams.
Today's work requirements and employees require an efficient, flexible and modern workplace. The synergies between the products are what make Microsoft 365 super strong and the security you get by tying the products together provides the most optimal protection of the company's data combined with the flexible workplace.

If your company uses Microsoft 365 products and services, it is therefore important to make sure that they are updated correctly so that individual employees or entire departments are disrupted in their critical work. However, this can often be a heavy manual process, here Automize can help you transfer this burden to us.


Today, office work takes place everywhere. At home, on the train, at work. It presents completely new challenges in the form of being able to work and access the company's systems wherever you are.


Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based Software As a Service solution with all the well-known apps as well as innovative services like OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. This enables you to work safely and the same wherever you are.


Take Microsoft 365 and all your files with you on the go, while you receive updates automatically and do not have to think about where you are, as the experience is always the same.

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How is Microsoft 365 used for business?

Microsoft 365 helps to transform Danish and international companies away from old-fashioned processes with paperwork and manual actions. With Microsoft 365, you get one unified platform, with all the programs that your company needs to be able to handle the daily tasks and ensure that your organization maintains the large overview without compromising the flexibility or security of your company data.

But, how can one best review the shift from multiple different software solutions and old legacy systems to one unified platform? Here Automize and our microsoft consultants can help you.

What benefits can Microsoft 365 provide?

The benefits of Microsoft 365 are many and many and help to give your company the flexibility and security you need to be able to perform your work efficiently and focus on what adds value for you and your customers, Automize and Microsoft will probably take care of the rest.

With Microsoft 365, your organization gets several security functions (for example MFA, Multi-factor Authentication), in addition you also get teams across your entire organization who can help you have an updated and close collaboration across your company, departments and task forces, this is especially useful with flexible workplaces and working hours.

With Microsoft 365 you also get SharePoint which is a cloud-based file system, so you no longer have to rely on third-party solutions or outdated paper documentation, SharePoint lets you easily archive, document and share files across your organization and can be easily accessed from all Microsoft products. If you still want a "private" drive, of course you also get OneDrive in the package, so you have all your own files at hand. Furthermore, you can also manage your devices with Intune, which gives you the opportunity to use technology to save you time and money with manual setup and administration.
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Why choose Microsoft 365 for your business?

The Microsoft 365 package is an international industry standard that most companies are already familiar with, this applies across industries and industries. It is also a platform that many of your employees will already be familiar with and the habituation period will therefore be minimal. It therefore makes good sense to gather all your current software programs within the Microsoft 365 area.

This will give your organization and the individual employee a greater opportunity to work on the same project across different programs and software without having to experience tedious interruptions or that individual programs can not "talk to" each other, which often leads to have to settle for half solutions and work that could be much better if only your colleagues had the right tools at hand.

How Automize can help your business with Microsoft 365

When a company switches from several different systems and software or would like to upgrade from Office 365 to the Microsoft 365 package, it will undoubtedly create a lot of work for your organization, this is inevitable as your new system must be set up so you can get the most out of it. of the. However, do not have to undertake this task yourself. Automize are experts in Microsoft 365 and can help you move your organization, processes, software and files safely and efficiently to Microsoft 365.
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What consulting services can Automize provide in connection to Microsoft 365?

Automize can help you get rid of the hassle that can arise in connection with the implementation of Microsoft 365. Automize offers you to implement your new microsoft 365 solution, so you do not have to spend your own precious time and critical resources on solving it yourself . Automize helps your organization to ensure a good start with your new Microsoft 365 solution, so it is clear to you when we have done our work, you can just sit back while we get it installed for you.

At Automize, we are always ready to help you and your company get the right Microsoft 365 set up, we have our skilled Microsoft consultants who are ready to implement a solution that is tailored to your needs and your company, you can contact us here to hear more about how we can help your business.

Get access to the industry's best IT consultants

The competitiveness of companies depends on IT, whether it's planning, production, warehousing, logistics, marketing, sales or finance.

It is no longer enough for your employees to specialize in your core areas of competence. The digital development is running fast, and you will lose competitiveness if you do not have access to the necessary IT skills.
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Why you should choose Automize

Automize has many years of experience with Microsoft 365 at some of the most complex and critical services in the country's largest companies. This means that we have some of the industry's best Microsoft 365 consultants, who guide and design the most optimal solution for your company.

A selection of some of the services in Microsoft 365 in which we have competencies include: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Teams, OneDrive, PowerApp and many others.
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The Modern Workplace

We are constantly working more and more mobile, which creates a need for management, secure work environments and sets greater demands to IT security at the workplace in general.

Nellemann Group’s Modern Workplace is a great business case

Together with Automize, Nelleman have automated, streamlined, and simplified their work process The Nellemann Group‘s many companies are managed efficiently and securely on a single, shared Modern Workplace platform based on Microsoft 365, InTune and Autopilot. Many people know Nellemann‘s car dealerships. Few people are aware that the group has more...

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