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  • Overview Of Users And Devices

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Achieve savings through an overview of users and the devices used.

It is important to be able to see through his bill on IT operations and place it correctly.
We see it as essential that you can see 100% what you consume on your IT operations. Our agreements are put together in a way that allows you to show what each department in your company consumes. In addition, we have settled agreements where you are in doubt about what is covered and thereby get a lot of extra invoices that you did not expect.

All this can be done because our entire engine compartment is built on new leading technology in ServiceNow, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 Cloud. Everything is, so to speak, software defined, which means we can measure everything.


Users and identity are one of the primary barriers to security, with the individual user playing a critical role in relation to security and the various roles in the organization as well as their individual needs for access, licenses and tools.


Automize IT operations are based on standards that are made available in Microsoft 365. That is, it is well-proven and something several millions of users worldwide put their trust in works. In addition, it works across all systems, which significantly increases security.


Microsoft 365 provides internal and external identity management that makes logon and security smooth for end users. On- and offboarding of employees with limited role-based rights has never been easier.

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Does it make sense for you to solve the whole task yourself?

We offer to be responsible for the operation and support of your IT, in whole or in part. Often we can do it both cheaper and better.

Outsourcing IT in the cloud - or Managed Services - can be tailored with exactly the services that are critical to your business. Or to put it another way: we find the model for outsourcing that suits you best, regardless of whether you want to outsource selected services in your IT operations or the entire operation.

The Modern Workplace

Today's work requirements and employees require an efficient, flexible and modern workplace. We are constantly working more and more mobile, which creates a need for management, secure work frameworks and places greater demands on IT security in the workplace in general.

The modern workplace with Microsoft 365 – what are the possibilities?

‘The modern workplace’ is a concept we often come across - but what does the concept really cover? With Microsoft 365, mobility and security are some of the key elements, but the modern workplace is much more than that. Let's take a closer look at the possibilities of the modern...

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