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Managed Services




Managed Services


Work securely with company data at the location that suits you.

It is often critical that your employees can access files on the go or work in different locations

In the modern workplace, it is important that you let your employees work where it makes sense for them and let them access the files they need while securing your company data.

With a Cloud based solution, you can get a solution that is flexible, scalable, secure and future-proof. By letting Automize be responsible for all or part of your IT operations, you can focus on the tasks that provide meaning and value for your company.


Today's workplace is becoming more and more mobile and time is often spent away from the company's physical framework and employees must be able to work safely anywhere, on any device, whenever it should be.


With our Modern Workplace operation based on Microsoft 365, you can improve your employees' productivity, create more seamless communication and collaboration across locations and platforms, while achieving a high level of security and integrity of systems and data.


Get a flexible, modern and secure workplace for the individual end user as a complete end-to-end solution in a cost-effective, secure and scalable way while avoiding heavy up front investments with a flexible and manageable Pay-As-You- Go agreement.

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    Does it make sense for you to solve the whole task yourself?

    We offer to be responsible for the operation and support of your IT, in whole or in part. Often we can do it both cheaper and better.

    Outsourcing IT in the cloud - or Managed Services - can be tailored with exactly the services that are critical to your business. Or to put it another way: we find the model for outsourcing that suits you best, regardless of whether you want to outsource selected services in your IT operations or the entire operation.

    The Modern Workplace

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    Today's work requirements and employees require an efficient, flexible and modern workplace. We are constantly working more and more mobile, which creates a need for management, secure work frameworks and places greater demands on IT security in the workplace in general.

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