Automize expands and opens a new branch in Aarhus

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Aarhus welcomes a new player on its vibrant IT scene

In order to meet the continued growth, Automize is opening a new department in Aarhus with the aim of equipping the company (better) for the battle for IT talent.

Starting in October, Aarhus welcomes a new player on its vibrant IT scene when Automize establishes its presence at Hermodsvej 22. With offices located in Kolding, Høje Taastrup and now also Aarhus, Automize is truly becoming a nationwide force.

With three Gazelle enterprise awards on our CV, our growth journey has been particularly remarkable over the past year. Our team has nearly doubled in size, going from 45 to nearly 100 talented individuals. Furthermore, we are proud to have teamed up with Norlys, who now owns 60% of our company.

"The opening of our Aarhus branch is the next natural step in our growth journey after we got Norlys on board as a business partner. The new department brings us closer to our customers, which makes it easier for us to meet customers' needs while also allowing us to scale the company further," says Morten Ohm, CCO at Automize.

Closer to Talent

The new Aarhus office is strategically located close to the pulse of the city and a stone's throw from the IT city and the university area. And especially the last relationship has been a decisive factor in the decision to open an office in smilet by.

In addition to bringing the company closer to our customers in the area, the new department will also help to attract new employees. In these times, the battle for IT talent is intensifying, and therefore it is crucial to be close to the educational institutions that create the consultants of the future.

"We don't just solve IT tasks, but actively contribute to raising our customers' digitization level. That is why we are constantly looking for talent who can help shape the IT services of the future. With our new office in Aarhus, we are getting even closer to the young students and experts in Aarhus and the surrounding area," says Morten Lennert, Deputy CEO of Automize.

As we continue our growth journey, Automize looks forward to embracing the opportunities our new branch in Aarhus brings. Stay tuned for updates on our progress as we continue to empower businesses through best-in-class IT solutions.

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