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The Future Shift: Generative AI and the Next Chapter in Technological Development

At this moment, you may have utilized ChatGPT in your personal life – to compose a song, write a blog post, come up with a joke, or even learn how to clean your aquarium. You have likely also read about how businesses employ ChatGPT to automatically respond to customer inquiries, build websites, or summarize thousands of product reviews in seconds. These are all examples of generative AI learning from data – programming code, text, video, or images – and utilizing what it has learned to generate new digital content.

We believe that generative AI represents the next massive shift in computing, a milestone on par with the internet, mobile devices, and the cloud. With this shift come enormous opportunities for both individuals and organizations – new ways of working; new ways of understanding and engaging with customers, partners, and suppliers; and new business models – all on a massive scale.

Technological Shifts Over Time: From Personal Computers to Generative AI

As we reflect on past technological shifts, a familiar pattern emerges. Each of these shifts enabled people and organizations to accomplish unprecedented things. The personal computer provided computing power to billions. The internet connected us with each other, with the world's knowledge and information. Mobile devices allowed us to be connected almost regardless of location.

Looking back, it's often clear that organizations embracing change with enthusiasm end up benefiting significantly from significant technological shifts. In the late '90s and early 2000s, companies actively using the internet to alter their sales strategies and operate call centers performed better than those simply adding a URL to their TV commercials or having a brochure on their website.

Generative AI represents a similar change in how we use technology – but it takes it a step further. Generative AI enables people to tell computers what they want in their own language, without anyone having to anticipate all possible questions or scenarios in advance.

The Era of AI "Copilots"

When considering the relationship between humans and AI, we envision AI as a sort of copilot – an expert assistant facilitating the execution of a complex task. For example, Bing Chat serves as a copilot for search, allowing people to ask questions, turn words into images, summarize articles, and quote answers to questions, among other things.

This is just one example of what AI copilots can do. Rapid advancements in large language models not only capture our imagination but also unlock more possibilities across search, productivity, creativity, and applications such as healthcare or security.

A Foundation for Responsible AI

The current moment, where the global workforce consolidates, and productivity remains flat, is the right time to challenge our assumptions about how humans and technology can collaborate. As Microsoft's Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella stated at The Future of Work with AI event in March 2023: "Looking ahead, we believe that this next generation of AI will unlock a new wave of productivity growth with powerful copilots designed to remove the drudgery from our daily tasks and jobs, freeing us to rediscover the joy of creating."

AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we work today. It can do so by handling all the iterative and time-consuming tasks, freeing up more time for exciting endeavors.

For instance, AI can create PowerPoint presentations based on your notes on a topic within seconds. It can generate and produce text with a few clicks, eliminating the need to grapple with potential writer's block and force text onto paper or help you analyze data, enabling you to make better decisions in your job. It's a powerful resource that can streamline work processes, freeing up time and resources. By automating iterative and time-consuming tasks, AI allows employees to focus on more innovative and business-promoting initiatives. However, to ensure your company is ready for the advent of AI, it's crucial to understand how to maximize the benefits. Are your employees trained to leverage the potential of an AI assistant, and is your company adequately equipped with data to achieve optimal returns from AI?

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