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A journey into the digital transformation can go through service architecture or citizen development

The digital transformation ensures a competitive advantage
When we talk today about digital transformation in Automize, we generally look at two points. Service Architecture and Citizen Development.

Service architecture is when we look at an IT landscape with servers and we start to break up the classic server into which "Platform as a Service" or "Software as a Services" we can use instead. The idea here is that we are fundamental to better security and a more flexible IT environment if we are not to handle servers to such an extent.

Citizen Development enables our regular users to build small applications that perform special tasks that together make them more efficient.


It can be difficult and time consuming to create a service architecture where it is difficult to keep track of data, use and solution in Citizen Development.


With the help of Microsoft Azure and Power Platform, we have provided tools that enable and greatly simplify what was difficult and time-consuming before, while at the same time the security is well thought out and connected in the products.


Pay-Per-Use provides a financial overview and new IT services are delivered without delays. On-The-Fly scaling for optimal flexibility and time savings on maintenance.

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The competitiveness of companies depends on IT, whether it's planning, production, warehousing, logistics, marketing, sales or finance.

It is no longer enough for your employees to specialize in your core areas of competence. The digital development is running fast, and you will lose competitiveness if you do not have access to the necessary IT skills.

Why you should choose Automize

Automize has many years of experience with Microsoft Azure Cloud solutions and handles complex and critical services in the country's largest companies. We have some of the industry's best Microsoft Azure consultants, who guide and design the most optimal solution for your company.

A selection of some of the services in Microsoft Azure in which we have competencies include Azure Compute, Azure Automation, Azure Container Services, Azure Recovery Services, Azure Backup and Azure Network, Azure Security, Azure Stack and Azure HCI.
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The Modern Workplace

Today's work requirements and employees require an efficient, flexible and modern workplace. We are constantly working more and more mobile, which creates a need for management, secure work frameworks and places greater demands on IT security in the workplace in general.

Delpro: Automize fik hurtigt fornemmelsen af, hvad vi drømte om

Med nyudviklet Power app har DELPRO givet sin Facility Management forretning et gevaldigt løft. I foråret 2021 valgte DELPRO at erstatte excel med Power platformen og udvikle en Power app til styring af serviceforretningen. Det har gjort mærkbar forskel hos DELPRO: Besparelser i tid, større præcision i opgaveløsningen, bedre kundeservice...

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Tommy Engholm Jensen

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