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Bankdata: Automize møder os med vores behov

Bankdata har brug for at være agile og dynamiske på kompetencerne, så de nemt kan skalere op og ned – uden at skulle binde sig til langvarige kontrakter. ”Da vi begyndte at arbejde med vores cloud-strategi tilbage i 2018, vidste vi, at vi stod overfor et nyt og kæmpestort paradigmeskifte,”...

The IT strategy is typically a big part of the business foundation

An IT strategy must be linked to the business.
It is important to create a strategy that supports the business's needs and utilizes digitization to the company's advantage.


Today, an IT strategy should not "just" deliver any IT to the business in the form of emails or what should our new accounting system be called. A strategy must be created that is not just about IT but that supports topics such as green transition, social responsibility, etc.


Automize's "take" on an IT strategy, is about identifying the setup we get into. That is, we do an analysis where we look at the business strategy and get it "mapped" up against a new IT strategy in collaboration with the customer.


Automize was "born" into the digital world in 2015. From the beginning, we have had to focus on new requirements that our customers have set. This means that today we are a leader in the digitization of processes and the development of strategies that have led us to where we are today.

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The competitiveness of companies depends on IT, whether it's planning, production, warehousing, logistics, marketing, sales or finance.

It is no longer enough for your employees to specialize in your core areas of competence. The digital development is running fast, and you will lose competitiveness if you do not have access to the necessary IT skills.
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5 things you SHOULDN’T do even if you can!

In collaboration with Microsoft Denmark and our own customers, we have written an eBook about the primary 4 things an IT manager should know about Microsoft's desktop virtualization solution.

Bankdata: Automize meets our needs

Bankdata needed an agile and dynamic setup enabling easy ramp-up and ramp-down of competences without having to commit to long-term contracts. “Back in 2018, when we started working on our cloud strategy, we knew that we were facing a new and gigantic paradigm shift,” says Allan Riis, Cloud Center of...

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"With Automize's Azure Automation app, we've automated large parts of the ITSM flow. What used to take days is now reduced to hours or minutes."
Henrik Abildgaard

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