JMM has got IT operation and support that is top notch

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JMM got an All Inclusive agreement with no hidden costs and extra charges

JMM’s collaboration with Automize started with the aim to switch IT outsourcing partners within operations and support. Automize presented them with the possibilities of the cloud, and it didn’t take long for them to decide that the cloud was the way forward. The result at JMM is top-notch IT operations and support.

JMM has got IT operation and support that is top notch

“In the past, we experienced daily power outages of 1-2 minutes in our IT environment. After we have gone into the cloud and transferred our IT operations to Automize, we have gained tremendous operational stability,” states Jan Møller, CFO, Johs. Møllers Maskiner A/S.

For JMM to outsource operations and support within IT was not something new when Automize came into the picture. The decision to outsource was made several years ago on the grounds that running IT in-house had many vulnerabilities, Jan explains, and for various reasons JMM wanted to replace their then outsourcing partner regarding Managed Services.

All inclusive passer perfekt til JMM

Automize offers different models for outsourcing. JMM had no doubt that Automize should assume full responsibility for operations and support. Therefore, the All Inclusive Gold model with a fixed monthly payment for the agreed services was perfectly suited to JMM’s wishes, says Jan.

“I have placed huge emphasis on that Automize offers an All Inclusive agreement where they assume the overall responsibility for operations and support, with no hidden costs and extra bills. I cannot spend time discussing trivial details and sending invoices back and forth between us and our outsourcing partner and disagreeing on who should pay for what. Those kind of fights in everyday life does not promote good cooperation in the long term.”

Improvement and optimization of JMM´s infrastructure

JMM’s agreement with Automize has a binding period of only one year, even though JMM has not paid separately for the transition – it is included in the monthly operating and support service. In connection with the transition, JMM’s overall IT infrastructure was analyzed and optimized, and Automize made recommendations for improvements, including moving parts of JMM’s environment to the cloud.

“We have achieved greater efficiency in our everyday activities after outsourcing our IT operations to Automize, which provides good and competent support to our employees,” says Janette Kjær, Process & IT Manager, Johs. Møllers Maskiner A/S.

Jan adds: “We have ongoing guidance and dialogue with Automize about the many opportunities a cloud solution offers. With cloud, there is automatically a focus on compliance and security, which permeates our IT setup.”

Saves more man-hours per day in wasted time

One of the areas where employees now very rarely need help in the new setup is in the event of log-on from home or from other external locations. In the cloud, this is simple and free of hassle.

“With our old IT setup and infrastructure, the access from home or from other external locations was very unstable, and we would often lose our connection. After Automize has set up our cloud environment, our employees quickly save 3-5 minutes each time they need to connect. It makes a huge and very measurable difference in a busy workday,” says Janette.

Competent consultants handle the support tasks

“The support at Automize works really well and we are very pleased. Automize has competent consultants to handle the support tasks, which is extremely important to us,” says Jan.

“We avoid quick fixes and ad-hoc solutions. The supporters of Automize are not just solving the problem – they locate the source of the error so that the problem does not reoccur. Our employees have a good experience and feel that they are treated in a competent and friendly manner when they need help.

A good experience with transitioning to the cloud

At JMM there is great satisfaction with the cooperation with Automize.

“From the very start, Automize has provided competent people who know what they are doing – both in terms of outsourcing and the cloud. Along the way, we have been given the necessary information and we feel like we have been considered and heard,” says Janette.

Jan agrees: “The general feedback from all employees is that it has been of great value during the workday to be assisted regarding our IT tools. Together with Automize, we have created a culture and desire to change work processes and use the new tools in order to collaborate on our knowledge and use it internally.”

About JMM

JMM's Activities currently cover the entire Scandinavian market through a number of subsidiaries in Denmark and Norway. In total, JMM and its subsidiaries have activities within sales and servicing of: Construction machinery, Cranes, Material handling machines and Machinery for agriculture.

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Jan Møller, CFO at JMM

”After transitioning into the cloud with Automize, we only received positive feedback from our employees – including those who were skeptical in the beginning.” |

Jan Møller, CFO at JMM

“Together with Automize, we have gained an overview of some processes that have not been established so far, such as purchasing and handling of both hardware and software. This has lightened the administration internally and provided focus on costs for IT equipment and software.” |

Janette Kjær, Process & IT Manager at JMM

“With the cloud, we are no longer limited by space on our servers. We don’t have to determine about whether or not to invest in two new servers – in the cloud, we can scale up and down on server capacity as needed.” |

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