5 requirements you must make to your outsourcing partner

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Are you being bombarded with good advice and suggestions to outsource your company's IT? Do you have difficulty figuring out what to consider if you are considering oursource - what is important, what does outsourcing really involve, and what can you expect and demand from your potential IT provider?

Automize is an expert in outsourcing and operating IT. We've put together 5 questions you need to ask before outsourcing.

  1. What is the purpose of outsourcing?
    What exactly does the company need to get out of it? Make a requirements specification and describe in detail what you want to achieve by outsourcing - and what parts of your IT operations are involved. It makes it much easier for your IT provider to deliver value.
  2. Spend time with your IT provider.
    Give your IT partner a chance to get to know your company and your challenges - it increases the likelihood that you will get a solution that actually solving the challenges you have.
  3. An external IT provider needs to deliver something you can not do yourself.
    Find an IT provider that is completely on the beat when it comes to new technologies. One of the benefits of outsourcing your IT must be that you get access to advanced technologies and competencies that you do not have yourself. Another is that a professional outsourcing partner can usually solve the task better and cheaper than you can.
  4. Decide how agile your contract with the IT provider should be.
    You are of course aware that your company must be flexible and agile, so you can adapt to a market in still change - therefore you need to decide what type of agreement you want to make with the IT provider. What is most important to you - the price, the stability, the opportunity to be able to interrupt the collaboration or something completely different. Of course, there is a connection between the lock-in period and the price - the more permanent a collaboration you initiate with the IT supplier, the cheaper it will be.
  5. How important is it for you to know your IT budget?
    Predictability and fixed prices are good arguments for outsourcing. With a fixed agreement on IT operations, you get rid of unforeseen expenses and know your budget going forward. Again, you have to decide what is most important for your company - do you still want to be responsible for some of the tasks yourself, or do you want to outsource all the hassle?

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