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The Automation App by Automize is a unique app that allows you to Automate most of you daily IT tasks so that you have time to focus on the important things that matter to your your department and your company. By implementing the Automation, you could save previous time on making sure people get prompt feedback and validation and dont need to wait days or weeks, but instead hours or minutes.

Automation App is a ServiceNow certified solution that brings the capabilities of Microsoft Azure Automation to ServiceNow in an easy and intuitive way. It is based on Microsoft best practice and makes it possible to automate using known technologies, which require competencies that most companies already possess.

Find out more about the Automation here:
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00:00 – Intro
00:50 – Description of the Automation App
02:32 – User insight from a technical standpoint 03:52 – Dont be scared of Runbooks
04:30 – True self-service support
04:49 – Like a domino effect
05:04 – Creating the Automation App
05:45 – How it works as a developer
07:04 – How it works as business process specialists
08: 05 – Bridging the gab between technology and business

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