Azure Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization Partner

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Azure Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization Partner

Automize is now recognized by Microsoft as an experienced provider of cloud-based desktop solutions with Azure Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization.

We'm incredibly proud of this new title, which is a validation of a partner's deep knowledge, extensive experience and expertise in implementing, optimizing, scaling and securing virtual desktop infrastructure on Azure.

Through a comprehensive audit with the external auditor ISSI - Information Security Systems International, we came through the eye of the needle without remarks and we are very pleased with that.

With the specialization, Microsoft will ensure that we can offer the absolute best qualifications for deliveries to our customers in the field, from pre-sales and Proof Of Concept to implementation and Managed services as operations.

We have implemented the solution on several customers of different types and sizes and met a number of technical and business requirements over the last few months. We ourselves are hugely impressed with its capabilities and have invested heavily in the solution right from the start. This will continue to be a major focus for Automize and not least, the COVID-19 situation has accelerated the adoption of this solution as a means of delivering a safe, modern desktop environment for homework.

Azure Virtual Desktop is a virtualized desktop solution and way of working that is agile, innovative, cost-effective and supports efficient and secure work via remote access.

Our team helps you understand the benefits of Microsoft Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop, and we can both help you implement the solution optimally and continuously support you with our managed service for continuous optimization.

With the right partner, you will also see the great benefits that your company can achieve with Azure Virtual Desktop, such as applications in the cloud, lower licensing costs and secure remote access, which make your employees more productive.

We are incredibly looking forward to continuing to help both small and large customers make use of Azure Virtual Desktop.

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