Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-session - what is it and why is it smart?

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AVD and Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-session - what is it and why is it smart?

Before Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) came into the world, it was cumbersome to host a Windows desktop operating system such as Win 7, Win 8 or Win 10, especially due to the licensing of Windows for users. To solve this problem, many companies have used RDS (Remote Desktop Services) and Windows Server, such as 2012 R2 or 2016, to provide a remote desktop to users with Windows 7/8/10 look and feel.

With AVD, Microsoft now offers a complete product for desktop hosting.

What is Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)?

Windows Virtual Desktop is a cloud-based managed service from Microsoft that can offer Windows 10 desktops and remote apps. Microsoft manages and maintains the infrastructure layer, so you only have to think about your user data and programs.

With AVD, you can build and manage virtual desktops in Azure. AVD provides the control plan management service, the new desktop operating system, the profile management solution and simplified licensing.

Implementing virtual desktops with AVD requires planning, maintaining and managing the virtual desktop environment. The former RDS server roles are now handled by Microsoft in Azure, and this reduces the complexity and time consumption compared to before.

Scaling and big savings with Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session for AVD

Microsoft has also launched a brand new version of Windows 10, called the Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-session for AVD. The new version supports multiple users' desktop sessions on a single VM. It is built specifically to support hosted desktops that are identical to what more than 800 million Windows 10 users are already accustomed to on their physical devices.

Azure Virtual Desktop is the only solution that allows a Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session so that there can be multiple users on the same session host. It allows for huge savings with scalability options by only paying for consumption.

Easy to migrate directly to Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop can replace solutions such as Citrix, VMware Horizon and Windows RDS. AVD is compatible with the classic RDSH Windows Server Sessions Hosts and Windows 10 VDI, so you can migrate directly to Azure Virtual Desktop.

Azure Virtual Desktop is available directly on Windows, MAC and Linux via the client application or web client.


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