Bright female profiles in the IT industry are pushing on old stereotypes!

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Women in Automize make a significant mark in ServiceNow and Software Development

In an age of increased focus on women's place in the workplace, Me-Too movements and quotas created to force an equal representation of men and women in specific industries and positions, it can be difficult to navigate these waters as a company. Especially in the IT industry, which has historically been and still is dominated by men, it is important to represent the women who every day are an example that it is about skills and passion and that you thrive at work and not about gender. .

Evangelia, Susanne and Tracy all work in Automize's ServiceNow department and are involved daily in running ServiceNow platforms and developing new software solutions that will automate large manual tasks, so Automize's customers can dedicate their precious resources and time where it makes more sense.

Evangelia, which is colloquially called "Evi" is the latest addition to Automize's ServiceNow team and originally comes from Greece, this is where she started her education in IT at Patras University Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2012. After this she traveled to Denmark with her fiancé and took a master's degree in Robot Technology at SDU in Odense, after which she worked briefly at the National Archives before joining Automize.

Tracy originally comes from Taiwan, where she has worked as an Applications Engineer, primarily in Hardware, since she came to Denmark, she has worked a bit with Hardware, but thought that the area had become too monotonous and therefore began to immerse herself in programming to be able to switch tracks to software. She supplemented this with an education in ICT (Information, Communication and Technology), which gave her access to various jobs with software and later ServiceNow, which led to a job at Automize.

One of the more experienced members of the ServiceNow team is Susanne, who started her career with a bachelor's degree in International Business Communication and IT, which was intended as an intertwining education of IT and the business area that could understand both aspects of a company. After that, she started in the Support Desk at Bestseller and started working her way up from there, where she ended up working with ServiceNow at Bestseller before joining Automize.

Working with IT has always been the dream

For all 3 women, there was one absolute common denominator; Everyone has always wanted to work with IT in one form or another. "I thought it sounded cool," Evangelia explains. When Evangelia started her education in Greece, she found that she loved to code, the liberation and the exciting element that many find fascinating in programming and coding had absolutely captured Evi. "I thought it was incredibly exciting to create something new from scratch, which is a great feeling, it's more than just a job for me," Evangelia continues.

Tracy can also confirm that the dream has always been to work in the IT industry. Ever since she was in Senior High School, she has found computers and technology fascinating. "Ever since I was little, I always wanted to play with computers and repair technology, I found it very interesting," says Tracy. After this, Tracy continued to work with technology, hardware and software, driven by her interest in knowing more and getting smarter. "I tried to set up a monitoring system on my computer, which I thought was incredibly cool, it was a great challenge to make it work and solve all the problems," Tracy continues. For Tracy, technology and especially software is still exciting and fascinates her deeply and is definitely something she will continue to work with in the future.

For Susanne, the path to Software and ServiceNow specialist was not quite as clear as her colleagues. Susanne is a language student from her high school years and is, in her own words, a bit of a language nerd on a daily basis, so after high school she was keen to find a higher education in language or communication so she could bring her linguistic background into play. It was here that she stumbled upon an education that combined communication and IT, which captured her interest and proved to be the right choice and paved the way for a career in IT.

Exciting projects that both challenge and develop

The tasks are many and different when it comes to the ServiceNow department in Automize, the ServiceNow team both On-boards customers, develops own solutions and software that maintains and operates customers' ServiceNow platforms as a larger part of the IT operations department. It is therefore not surprising that all 3 women and their colleagues are always faced with new exciting tasks and challenges that force them to devise new solutions to their customers' problems.

"By and large, it is about translating the work tasks and processes that many of our customers are involved in on a daily basis and converting them into ServiceNow, so that we can form an overview and start automating many of these processes," states Susanne. In particular, automation is one of Automize's differentiating points, Automize invests many resources in developing software and Apps that can be implemented with their customers and save them time and resources that can instead be allocated to other areas of the company where they can create more value.

To be able to solve these complex problems requires a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge, which may well mean that it is not entirely easy to explain to your friends and family what you work with on a daily basis. "My friends do not quite know what it is I do at my job, they just know it is about IT", Susanne mentions. Evangelia also supports this "My family often asks what I work with and I have a very hard time explaining the essence of it, so it can often be a very long explanation", Evangelia mentions with a smile.

What projects can the future offer?

The IT industry is by nature a world that is evolving and moving faster and faster as we become more skilled and better at isolating problems and inventing new ways of how we can automate, improve and optimize existing processes. This places incredibly high demands on new as well as current IT specialists, who constantly have to keep up to date with new developments and updates within their respective areas. Furthermore, it requires that the individual person constantly develops themselves and their technical abilities.

For our trio in Automize, it is fortunately not the motivation to learn new things that is lacking. Everyone is keen to be able to improve their skills constantly, especially Evangelia, which is still relatively new to the ServiceNow area, has some clear goals for what she would like to work on more.

“I am currently working on our new Rights Management App which I have helped to develop together with our VP of Software. I thought this was very exciting and is definitely something I would like more of in the future. In addition, I am still new to ServiceNow and in the long run I would like to work more with some of the same tasks that Susanne and Tracy are doing today ", says Evangelia

Tracy nods appreciatively to this and states that she herself would like to understand more of the technical details around ServiceNow and especially focus on how the different systems work and how they interact with different programs and other software. "As a consultant, it is incredibly important that you understand many different systems and how they work in order to work efficiently and across projects, this requires that you have a basic knowledge of many different technical aspects", says Tracy

Susanne completely agrees with her colleagues and states that for her, ServiceNow is definitely the way forward for Automize, she especially wants to look at how ServiceNow can be implemented in several places in Automize to be able to optimize the internal processes and generally help with daily tasks and long-term projects.

"For me, ServiceNow is without a doubt the tool that we can use to move faster with our own processes but also out to our customers. We will without a doubt be able to add much more value to Automize and to our customers by going in this direction, so this is where I want my focus ”, states Susanne

A female insight into an industry that primarily consists of men

For our 3 women in Automize, there is no problem communicating and working across teams with their male colleagues, for them, they can not feel the difference in the treatment they receive over the men.

“I did not think there is any noticeable difference between being a man or a woman in this industry, I feel in everyday life I am part of something bigger than myself, which is sometimes the team I sit with, a project group or Automize as a company . I am not be able to say whether things would be different if there were more women in our industry, because our department in Automize is very balanced with an equal distribution between men and women ", says Evangelia.

For Tracy, it is quite normal to have many male colleagues, she started as a 20-year-old in the electronics industry, where she worked with Servers and Motherboards, here there was also no noticeable difference between men and women. "However, I can feel that men and women think a little differently from each other and their logical thinking can also deviate from each other. Men and women can actually compliment each other really well in the workplace, both when it comes to software solutions, but also when it comes to agreeing on a process. Here, Tracy notes that men can often be very forward with their arguments, where women are often more laid back and diplomatic, ”explains Tracy, however, she states that both elements are important for maintaining a good balance in a project group.

Susanne can nod in recognition of what Evangelia and Tracy are saying and is primarily of the same belief. However, there are a few cases where she can feel that there is a small difference if you are a woman in the IT industry.

"You can occasionally meet some men who are not used to working with women in IT, and the tone can therefore be a little different than when only men are present", Susanne explains with a smile.

However, early in her career as part of the Support Desk at Bestseller, there were some things her colleagues had to get used to.

"Right when I started at the Support Desk, I got some calls, and when they heard my voice, they apologized that they had gotten hold of the reception and that they actually tried to get hold of the IT department. But it did not take long before everyone in the organization had got used to this and then it was not a problem anymore ", explains Susanne.

Tracy can also nod in recognition of similar situations while working in Taiwan.

“If one of my female colleagues picked up the phone and they wanted to talk to one of our engineers and my colleague explained that they were already talking to an engineer, she could occasionally be told that they would like to talk to a male engineer. Once she had explained to them that she knew what systems they needed to use and she explained how the different systems worked, they could see that she could easily help them ", explains Tracy

Both Tracy and Susanne agree that quite a few years ago, as a woman in the IT industry, you often had to show that you could do something where your male colleagues did not have the same pressure on them. Fortunately, this is not the case today.

"Of course there may be a few cases where such situations can occur, but it is difficult to quantify and perhaps also more of a perception, at least it is not at all at the same level as when I started and is more of a rarity today", continues Susanne.

Evi could also feel that as a woman during her technical education she had to put herself more into play and show that she could do exactly the same as her male classmates.

“We were only 3 women on our team and if you did not mention that you wanted to work on a specific part of a project, there was a risk that you would just get a lot of the writing assignments. So as a woman you had to prove that you could easily program at the same level as everyone else on the team ", Evangelia explains.

Major changes in the distribution of men and women in the IT industry

Although the IT industry has historically been dominated by men, there is no doubt that there have been significant changes in the balance between male and female employees in this area.

“At the time when I started my job at the Support Desk, we were just two women, the team leader and myself, the remaining seven employees were men. When I moved on from the Support Desk a few years later, the situation looked completely different, there where many more women in IT, not only in my previous department but across the organization in general. So there has definitely been a change ", expresses Susanne.

The big question for today's society and industries which are either dominated by men or women respectively is how will it develop? Will we see more women/men move into industries that have previously been dominated by men or women?

"I definitely think we will see more women in the IT industry, how many more will come and how the final ratio between men and women will be, I can not only say, but we must also remember that there are some areas , where there are just more men who are interested and the same with women, we can not change that. I have no doubt that we will probably see more women in the IT industry, but at the same time I am also sure that it will always be an industry with more men, because there are more men who are interested in this industry ”, Susanne continues.

Evangelia nods appreciatively to Susanne and states that she also agrees with much of what she says, however, she believes that the statistical difference within the IT industry will be much smaller than what Susanne suggests.

"I may see it with more romanticized glasses, but I think that the more women we get into the technical educations, which we can see is an increasing trend, then we will also see more women move into technical positions in the labor market so it will be more balanced, this is my clear conviction, ”says Evangelia.

Tracy also believes that more women will be part of the IT industry in the future, especially now that there is more focus on getting women into the technical and mathematical educations so they can qualify for these industries.

"I probably lean more on Susanne and say that we will definitely see more women in the IT industry as well as many other technical industries now that we have much more focus on getting women into the technical educations , but I do not think we should aim for a completely equal distribution of men and women, it will not be realistic ”, states Tracy.

Common to all 3 women is that they have a deep passion for their work with IT and how it can help the users that they work for every day. For them, it is not only about being able to use the latest technology, but also about being able to create a smart solution that is also user-friendly and can fill a gap in a company and create value for those who use it. "You can make a lot of cool solutions with IT and you can code yourself out a lot, but if you do not get it wrapped up so people can understand it, then you can not use it for anything," concludes Susanne.

At Automize, it is our clear and firm policy that you as a person are assigned the tasks, responsibilities and position in the organization that you have shown that you can handle on the basis and of your abilities and not on the basis of gender or other beliefs. In Automize, we are confident in our case when we say that we have Denmark's best IT people in the industry, both men and women, and that they have made sure to achieve that title.

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Evangelia Miariti, Creative Ninjaneer Development at Automize

"I thought it was incredibly exciting to create something new from scratch, which is a great feeling, it's more than just a job for me" |

Tracy Huang Birch, Senior Consultant at Automize

"As a consultant, it is incredibly important that you understand many different systems and how they work in order to work efficiently and across projects, this requires that you have a basic knowledge of many different technical aspects" |

Susanne Holm Hansen, ServiceNow Specialist at Automize

"You can make a lot of cool solutions with IT and you can code yourself out a lot, but if you do not get it wrapped so people can understand it, then you can not use it for anything" |

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