Does your company not dare to take advantage of the competitive advantages of the cloud?

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Take advantage of the competitive advantages of the cloud

Many small and medium-sized businesses are still not in the cloud, according to a study cited by Computerworld on July 24, 2019. That is, they are missing out on the competitive advantages of going the cloud path in the digital transformation.

Are you also insecure about walking in the cloud? Read here why you do not have to worry - and what benefits there are for your business by choosing outsourcing of your IT operations and support, combined with cloud.

Computerworld says that companies are nervous about security and do not dare to put their critical data in the big data centers - but that concern is misunderstood. In fact, the latest technologies for IT security are just being developed for the cloud, so in many cases a cloud solution will be significantly more secure than a local set-up. However, it is an important point that even though the cloud automatically follows a focus on compliance and security, the responsibility for getting all the way around the company's IT setup ultimately still lies with the individual company.

If you choose to go the cloud route, it is obvious to outsource the operation. You reduce the need to build cloud and operational expertise in-house by outsourcing the task to a partner who does nothing else and who has the necessary specialist knowledge of eg Microsoft Azure and constantly follows the development.

When you put your IT solutions in the cloud at Automize, we make sure to automate many of your trivial and manual processes - it saves Internal IT a lot of resources, reduces the risk of manual errors and provides greater efficiency.

But do I not lose control and overview when I leave the operation to an external partner, you might ask? At Automize, we involve and develop the competence of your IT employees to the extent you want. It creates ownership and security, and employees can become self-driving in a large part of daily operations, even if you have now moved completely or partially into a cloud environment.

Have a talk about outsourcing your IT

So in fact, there is not much to worry about! The benefits of outsourcing your IT operations clearly outweigh the disadvantages. If you choose to contact us at Automize, you can be sure that we can often do it both cheaper and better. With Managed Services, we take total responsibility for the operation and support of your IT with a fixed, monthly service and no hidden expenses or costs.

Get on cloud speed dating with one of our seasoned IT architects and get answers, how the cloud becomes relevant and operational for you.

Source: Computerworld July 24, 2019

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