Learn about the IT-outsourcing trends of 2020 / 2021

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We saw most of these IT outsourcing trends in 2020/2021

As Automize sits with the latest versions of software and constantly makes sure to stay ahead of the curve, it means that we have become reasonably good at predicting movements and trends in the IT industry, and we would like to share these trends with you, so you and your company can prepare you for the roll-out of new technologies, updates to existing software and services, as well as new requirements for a modern IT department as a whole.


If we have learned just one thing from the year 2020, it is that we as people and companies must be flexible to be sure that we can keep up with developments, be it health or technological. The Corona epidemic has shown us that we as companies can not afford to commit to long-term contracts with IT systems that we are not sure will be updated or maintained on a regular basis so we are put in an uncertain situation, whether we may lose competitive advantage to our competitors because of this.

We therefore expect that flexibility and the ability to replace IT providers, tools and environments will be critical from 2021 onwards.


IT security, sensitive data, GDPR, the Personal Data Act and many more, yes these are just some of the topics that have become more and more relevant in the last 2 years and have only become more relevant at a time when many of us are sitting in the home office , where IT security is not as great. In addition, the amount and sensitivity of the data that the individual company has is much higher today than it was just 5 years ago, which means that IT security must be proportional in relation to this, however, it is unfortunately many times here Businesses think they can be smart and save a dime.

By postponing the update / replacement of the old IT system or security measures, you can quickly save some money on the bottom line, but it is definitely not worthwhile if you want your data not to be stolen and sold on the black market. CyberCrime Magazine estimates that the annual costs of IT-related damages run up to close to DKK 5 trillion. https://cybersecurityventures.com/annual-cybercrime-report-2020/

Home workplace

For many, the workplace in the office has been replaced with the storage room at home or, where there is now space and where the children, cat, neighbor and in-laws can not disturb one while sitting in a meeting over Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Many employees have also indicated that they prefer one or more days at home as it provides more flexibility in everyday life and reduces transport time in the morning traffic and most companies have reported that they can not immediately see the difference in productivity whether their employees are sitting in the office or at home. https://www.danskindustri.dk/arkiv/analyser/2020/6/virksomhederne-venter-mere-hjemmearbejde-fremover/

We should probably therefore expect that homework has come to stay in some form. It is therefore important to be sure that your company has the necessary IT capacity to be able to accommodate that large parts of the staff are at home.

This means that there must be sufficient hardware (PCs, monitors) and not least, it must be possible for the employees to connect to the company's network and data from home in a secure way, so you can make sure that there are no unwanted people watching.


Hyper automation is the idea that everything that can be automated in an organization must be automated. Hyper automation is run by organizations that have older business processes that are not streamlined, creating immensely expensive and extensive problems for organizations.

Many organizations are supported by a "patchwork" of technologies that are not Lean, optimized, connected, or explicit. At the same time, the acceleration of digital business requires efficiency and speed. Organizations that do not focus on efficiency and business flexibility are left behind. One of the clear benefits of automation is that you save a lot of time and resources on monotonous tasks such as; write and run runbooks, in and roll out of employees, WC management / deployment, etc.

These are all important tasks, but possibly not the most exciting to perform for an employee. By automating them, it allows the employee to focus on more exciting and complex tasks while reducing the chance of errors in automating these tasks.

More replacement and update

In connection with us humans inventing new things, we replace the older components or systems that we already have, for something that is newer, smarter, faster, cheaper and better. The ingenuity and development in general has only increased over the last many years and this also applies in IT, where we have already mentioned that a modern IT system is one that is flexible and easy to upgrade, replace or transfer as better solutions come on the scene.

At first glance, it may sound expensive to have to change your IT system all the time, but if you make the right decisions and invest in a flexible system early on, it can help save money in the long run and provide competitive advantages.

Cloud solutions are becoming the new normal

Moving its IT systems up in the "cloud" is a topic that we strongly advocate for here at Automize. With all these new trends, initiatives and solutions that are becoming more complicated and relevant for all companies, you might be thinking; is not there just an easy package solution?

Then we have good news for you, because it is there. If you choose to use a cloud-based approach to IT, you will automatically be more flexible, secure, automated, it will be easier to change systems and suppliers and it will also make it significantly easier for your employees to work from home in a secure and productive way.

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