Multi Factor Authentication is a simple way to significantly increase company security

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MFA increases your company's security

Fortunately, it is not always the most complex, cumbersome and expensive effort that has the best result. One of the measures that can significantly increase the company's security is the use of Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) - or in Danish two-factor approval.

What is Multi Factor Authetication (MFA)?

MFA is about increasing security around employees' use of passwords. Instead of just entering a password, you make sure that two security layers are activated.

Easy-ID is a well-known example of two-factor security. Here, the user not only enters a password, but must also enter the code from the key card. That way you add an extra layer of security. A password can be intercepted or eavesdropped on, but the extra layer of security helps to ensure that the user is who he or she pretends to be (namely the person who both knows the password and is in possession of the key card).

Two-factor authentication can also take place by the user receiving an SMS with a code that must be entered together with the password - then you connect the extra security layer to the mobile phone. Many of us know this mechanism from webshops when we want to pay via mobile pay.

It's easy - and almost free - to increase security with two-factor approval (MFA)

As described in the introduction, it does not always have to be expensive and cumbersome to be good!

If you already run Microsoft 365, then it is quite free - and easy - to activate two-factor authentication for your users.

In your Azure Active Directory Administration you can manage your security standards. You just click Yes to activate the security standards. The next time the selected employees sign in, they will be prompted to configure the Microsoft Approver app on their phones to obtain a different type of authentication. See instructions here.

If you do not use Microsoft 365, it is easy to upgrade from eg Office 365, and then gain access to two-factor approval that way. At the same time, you also get a whole range of other security and administration tools with the purchase.

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