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It is with pleasure that we can announce that Automize A / S pr. September 2018 has officially become the first Parallels Remote Application Server certified partner in Denmark and therefore in the future will be able to offer our customers their services.

Congratulations to our colleagues Carsten R. Antonsen and Kenneth S. Matthiesen.

This comes in the light of our experience showing us that many companies today can benefit greatly from a more simplified and efficient IT management system in terms of delivering applications, desktops and data across all devices and regardless of end user type . We have therefore entered into a strategic partnership with Parallels Inc. and now possesses the competencies to be able to help more Danish companies on their way to an easier and more cost-effective approach to Remote Application Delivery and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, combined with centralized updating options and much more.

Parallels Remote Application Server is one of the industry's leading and most cost-effective solutions in application and desktop delivery.

You can read more about Parallels RAS here or get smarter with RAS Datasheet .

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- Contact us in case of questions or anything else at: tel: +4571715353 or via https : //

We look forward to hearing from you.

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