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Atlassian Jira is a popular tool often used for agile project management. It has a wide implementation range and is used in everything from large enterprises to small startups. 

ServiceNow customers often have internal departments or external partners that use Jira. To optimize their value streams and collaboration there is a high demand for a smooth integration between Jira and ServiceNow.  

With Automation App you can ensure an efficient two-way integration between your company’s ServiceNow instance and one or more internal or external Jira instances. Thereby enabling the sense of collaborating within the same tool for the user which gives a higher process transparency and a leaner process. 

In the video below Lasse will showcase how it is possible to easily setup a stabile two-way integration between Jira and ServiceNow using Automation App. 

In the video it is showcased how one can ensure that if an Incident is assigned to a specific Assignment Group in ServiceNow that a matching Issue is created in Jira. Next Lasse demoes how comments can be kept in synced and lastly how Jira can inform ServiceNow that an issue has been resolved and update the matching Incident in ServiceNow with the new state. 

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