Automize wins Partner Award in Cloud Infrastructure

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This is how it sounded when Microsoft named Automize as Denmark's best partner on Cloud Infrastructure in 2022!

Since Automize was founded in 2015 by the current three partners; Bjarne, Flemming and René, it has been the whole company's desire to be able to prove that company size is not the same as quality. Automize was founded with the specific purpose of being able to offer the best solutions that are flexible and scalable for our customers in the Cloud area, this is an area we have continuously worked on - and will continue to improve. Automize is therefore honored that our efforts have been recognized by Microsoft, and our new title as the best Cloud Infrastructure Microsoft Partner in 2022.

”- For me personally, it was a touching moment to win this award, which is quite big in our IT world. Of course, it tells the story that we are good at what we do, and the award also confirms to me that giving employees as much self-management as possible benefits us commercially. We have practiced this approach to responsibilities and tasks since our inception, and it is bearing fruit, says CEO, René Falkenberg. ”

Automize wins the award despite fierce competition from competitors

At Automize we are also pleased that our relatively small company beat some of the very large players in the same areas. In the race for the prize from Microsoft, Atea and Fellowmind were giants compared to Automize.

”- Everyone knows Microsoft, but not everyone knows the companies that are helping to spread their solutions within, for example, cloud. And not at all if one is a small player and that is why I was very overwhelmed when our company name was shouted out. - CEO, René Falkenberg. ”

At Automize, we are in favor of size not being the same as quality. Automize has now proven this by being able to place us ahead of our competitors as a Microsoft Partner in the Cloud area. As a relatively smaller player in the market, compared to many of our competitors, it has forced Automize to focus on delivering the right solutions, at the right quality, at the right time.

The highest quality stamp from Microsoft

In addition to winning the award as the best Microsoft Partner in Cloud Infrastructure, this award is also proof and a seal of approval from Microsoft that the solutions, products and services that Automize provides to their customers are of the highest quality.

"Automize stands out by delivering projects at an extreme quality and speed with high customer satisfaction. – Microsoft"

This “Nod of approval” is an assurance to both Automize and our customers and partners that Automize possesses the necessary capabilities to not only be able to measure itself against other providers of Microsoft products, but even surpass them in these areas. We are expecting that this new location in the market will help to get more Danish companies to see the possibilities of moving their IT operations "up in the cloud", and when they are ready to make the decision, Automize will be ready to help them through this new Cloud journey.

We look forward to being able to continue to develop within the cloud area, where we will continuously focus on innovation of new solutions, updates of our existing services and continue to be able to offer the best solutions to our customers.

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