Klaus Gjelstrup Nielsen, Team Lead for cloud and infrastructure solutions

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New team Lead for cloud and infrastructure solutions

Klaus Gjelstrup Nielsen was the first employee at Automize in 2016, where he was to strengthen the partner team and make automations. Klaus has moved more and more towards a cloud architect and has just been named Team Lead for cloud and infrastructure solutions.

The most important thing for Klaus is the technical approach. He stays up to date and informed about the things that are happening in the cloud world, which is going fast at the moment. The trend is that companies are moving towards hosting their data in Micorsoft Azure and will spend less time on their applications and services.

Automize solves this through automation and by choosing some of the services that require less maintenance than their existing IT installations.

It should provide value for their business

“Based on the technical, I have to make sure that we get the right architectural solutions made for the customers. They typically do not really know the possibilities and do not have the competencies in house. The danger for them is that they will stick to what they can in advance and will not get the dynamic and fast solutions that are actually possible. I really like the technical solutions, where we invent something that provides value, and where we do things in a new and better way than before, ”says Klaus and continues:

“It is part of the job to unite the customer's business with the new services. They need to have the solutions that make the best sense for the business. Sometimes it is a faster and better solution, other times they have to optimize the operation and the organization by cutting away some of the processes that do not provide value. ”

We make sure to get everyone involved

Automize will not just deliver anything and then slip away again. Customers need to know what they are getting and how they can manage the solutions themselves in the future. Therefore, it is important to train the employees, often through sideman implementation , where consultants from Automize sit with the customer's IT people, so they get a learning curve during the project.

I want to get excited!

“Financiers and managers are often very open to our ideas and suggestions. Sometimes it requires a little more time for the technical staff. They are nervous that their tasks will disappear, ”says Klaus.

But once they've over the first hurdle, they can see the benefits of cloud solutions:

"And I absolutely love that," exclaims Klaus: "I have a great passion for the cloud - it can do some amazing things. And I really like getting the IT people to get as excited as I am. Once I have convinced someone how good the technique is, it has been a good day.

It is a great pleasure to give them new knowledge and update them so that they are not driven backwards, but can contribute and be part of the solutions we make. They have to contribute something different than they did before and help create value for the company. ”

Grow or go!

Automize is a young and agile organization where everyone helps each other across and the employees work independently. It is a requirement for the employees that they are self-driving and want to perform their best. In fact, it says in the employment contracts: Grow or go!

"It is one of the most amazing things I have experienced in many years," says Klaus Gjelstrup Nielsen. “I have previously been in large, more traditionally led organizations such as Danfoss and in municipal organizations. In Automize, there are maps for the top and for the decisions. If you have an idea and evidence for it, then just get started! There is an enormous freedom to plan your own tasks and to work with what you are passionate about. ”

Klaus ’background

Klaus is a trained computer mechanic, what is today called a computer technician. Since 1997, he has worked in IT and certified himself in Microsoft products through 25 exams and certifications.

It's important to me and to Automize that we stay up to date at all times - and ultimately for the customers! We are a gold partner at Microsoft, and that also requires that employees are certified .

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