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Did you know that Automize has its own academy? We call it Automize Academy and it focuses on developing all employees in the organization regardless of their level or technical ingenuity, there is a course for everyone!

At Automize, we have always been committed to investing in our employees as it is the best way to ensure that they have the level that the organization, customers and the market demand. At Automize, we take responsibility for ensuring that employees always have space and the opportunity for personal and professional development. This is something Automize attaches great importance to. We believe that it is important for our employees that they feel valued and that they have a constant opportunity to improve their skills. All our employees are offered training plans. There is a clear expectation that you as an employee actively bid for development opportunities. Here, the individual employee, in collaboration with our education manager, jointly finds out which tasks and areas motivate the employee.

In Automize Academy, we have put together 3 primary educational tracks within; Azure, MS 365 and ServiceNow. Within these 3 training tracks, you can choose to complete all the courses we offer, regardless of which department you are in on a daily basis or which courses you have previously been certified in. Within these 3 training tracks, it is possible for our employees to take certifications within 5 areas:

  • MS 365 Specialist / Expert
  • Azure Specialist / Expert
  • Teams Specialist / Expert
  • Security Specialist / Expert
  • Data Engineer Expert

In the illustration below, it is possible to get an overview of the various options that the individual employee has through Automize Academy. In Automize Academy, it is possible for our employees to take each course at two different levels in relation to their own knowledge and experience. The first is the "Specialist" level, which is the starting level in Automize and certifies the employee to solve most tasks within the selected area. Next is the "Expert" level, also called the "Architect" level. Such a certification enables the employee to be able to solve just about any problem within a chosen field and they will be certified experts in their field.


Not all employees are the same!

Fortunately, not all of our employees are the same, and if one of them does not fit into the 3 tracks or just has other needs, we also have other options. Together with the employee, we find out what interests the employee has, in which areas he or she would like to develop, and what opportunities exist. Our education manager is always ready to challenge the employees to largely independently choose which path they want to educate and develop. If there is one thing we have learned from COVID-19, it is how flexible we humans can work, therefore it is only natural that the development of our employees in Automize is tailored to the individual's everyday life, so we can ensure that they do not become overburdened, but instead can take the course at their own pace and on their own terms.

Of course, we also want to reward our employees for dedicating themselves to their area and improving their skills. In addition to the employee being allowed to develop in areas they find interesting, Automize offers a salary increase in connection with the implementation of these courses. We believe this is the right thing to do, as Automize is left with an employee who is even more skilled than when they started, which of course they must be compensated for.

The quality must be ensured

When we invest so much in our employees, we must of course also make sure that the course they take is to a high standard so that both the employee and Automize benefit from the development. We do this by using certified courses from approved providers, that way we are sure that our employees receive the best tools that the industry can offer. Once you have learned something, be sure to keep it straight. Therefore, as a Microsoft partner, we have of course chosen to follow the guidelines which stipulate that once a certification has been obtained, it is valid for a maximum of 2 years. Then it must be taken again. We do this to ensure that our employee has the latest knowledge.

Of course, when an Automize employee gets certified, they get a proof of it every time, which they can also use outside of Automize if they wish. Some may think that we provide free training, but at Automize we are convinced that investing in your colleagues can always pay off and is the best way to ensure that you have the most talented employees.

Do you want to know more

Are you interested in hearing more about these topics, do you want to get something elaborated or would you like to hear what we can do to help your company with all these issues, then you can read more via this link or contact us here.

Want to know more?

Are you interested in hearing more about these topics, do you want to get something elaborated or would you like to hear what we can do to help your company with all these issues, then you can read more via this link or contact us here.

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